A Mess

My mind is a mess

A cluttered space filled with

Junks of emotions and feelings

Stopping my head from thinking

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[SPOILER ALERT] In a Heartbeat Animated Short Film

Well a few days ago I watched this animated short film because I finally found a post in Instagram talking about it. My sister told me about the trailer/teaser since a while ago but I believe that it was only recently that the full version is uploaded in YouTube. The trailer was cute and I instantly fell in love with the Heart, so when I finally found an instagram post with its thumbnail, I decided to check it out. And it was absolutely brilliant!

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I go outside

The rain falling for some time

Apparently, it fell when I was unaware Continue reading “Busy”

Things to Do

I sat silently on the hard seat of this moving train that would bring me to my hometown. It was still a long way to go. Five to six more hours to be more exact. I sighed and thought to myself — not for the first time — why did I look for work in a city so far from home. I spent quite a lot of money for tickets and not to mention a lot of time and energy as well. Continue reading “Things to Do”


Because love is a gift

As cliche as it may sound

As naive as it may seem

Love is a gift Continue reading “Because”

In Your Eyes

Life has a cruel way of saying that it was getting tired of listening to my ramblings about how unfair it was. Continue reading “In Your Eyes”


In the midst of swirling mist

I saw a break of colors

In the midst of suffocating darkness

I saw a burst of light Continue reading “Dawn”

Flying Butterfly

Wings spread

The wind beneath

My wings

Wide and with pride Continue reading “Flying Butterfly”


A grunt

A shout

A painful scream

Torn from delicate throat

From fragile looking body

Lain weakly on the white-covered bed

Covered in sweat and laced with agony

Written clearly on her face Continue reading “LIFE”


In the dead of the night

I swore my love

With soft whispers

and gentle caress Continue reading “Midnights”