Things to Do

I sat silently on the hard seat of this moving train that would bring me to my hometown. It was still a long way to go. Five to six more hours to be more exact. I sighed and thought to myself — not for the first time — why did I look for work in a city so far from home. I spent quite a lot of money for tickets and not to mention a lot of time and energy as well. Continue reading “Things to Do”


Small Town Blues

A few days ago I went back to my hometown, Mojokerto, a small-ish city just around 1-2 hour away from Surabaya, for a brief visit due to Chinese New Year thingy. Yep, we are still celebrating it even though maybe it’s really just an excuse to get together once a year with all the family(ies). We always did this kind of thing year after year on Chinese New Year and it became a ritual or a habit of some sort. It’s that one day when all of us put aside our busy life to spend a day with our Grandparents in Mojokerto. Continue reading “Small Town Blues”