[SPOILER ALERT] In a Heartbeat Animated Short Film

Well a few days ago I watched this animated short film because I finally found a post in Instagram talking about it. My sister told me about the trailer/teaser since a while ago but I believe that it was only recently that the full version is uploaded in YouTube. The trailer was cute and I instantly fell in love with the Heart, so when I finally found an instagram post with its thumbnail, I decided to check it out. And it was absolutely brilliant!

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It’s been a while since I last post anything here, but the thing is I think I’m on a semi-hiatus right now. It’s just that nothing comes to mind when I want to write, so perhaps I need the break. And I’m also currently stuck on a short story that is getting longer and longer each day, so…anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to come back here as soon as possible if only for the sake of my emotional health.

Begitulah, Hanya Ramblings

Mungkin ini salah satu dari sedikit post dalam Bahasa Indonesia yang bisa ditemukan di blog ini. Karena biasanya saya tidak pede menulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia untuk konteks di luar chatting di media sosial. Tapi beberapa hari ini banyak postingan di medsos tentang Indonesia dan banyak juga yang bernada pesimis. Saya jadi ikutan ingin menuangkan sedikit pendapat dan pemikiran. Mungkin akan kelihatan tidak sistematis, tapi saya merasa bahwa khusus post ini haruslah dituliskan dalam Bahasa Indonesia, karena saya juga orang Indonesia.

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Big ‘G’ – The Aftermath

It’s been quite a long time since my graduation day. It’s been almost three years. And after four years well spent wrapped inside the safe bubble and amazing environment called University, I was ready to face the ‘real’ world. Or so I thought. But life isn’t always as easy as you thought it would be (most of the times) and fast forward to the present time, I thought that by now I would have found my passion and my place in the world, but the fact is, I’m still as uncertain as I was when I got my first job. Continue reading “Big ‘G’ – The Aftermath”