Because love is a gift

As cliche as it may sound

As naive as it may seem

Love is a gift Continue reading “Because”


In the midst of swirling mist

I saw a break of colors

In the midst of suffocating darkness

I saw a burst of light Continue reading “Dawn”

Flying Butterfly

Wings spread

The wind beneath

My wings

Wide and with pride Continue reading “Flying Butterfly”


A grunt

A shout

A painful scream

Torn from delicate throat

From fragile looking body

Lain weakly on the white-covered bed

Covered in sweat and laced with agony

Written clearly on her face Continue reading “LIFE”


In the dead of the night

I swore my love

With soft whispers

and gentle caress Continue reading “Midnights”


I spent my evenings

With you

Holding your hands

Touching your arms

Caressing your face

Continue reading “Evenings”


My love

My love is white

And it lives only for you

My love Continue reading “White”

Their Eyes

I can see their eyes on me

Their eyes

looking at me

staring at me

I close my eyes Continue reading “Their Eyes”


I am a person first

before I am a teacher

before I am a student

before I am a boss

before I am a subordinate Continue reading “Person”

What If?

What if the sun stops shining tomorrow?

What if the rain starts tonight and decides not to stop for a month?

What if there’s flood?

What if there’s natural disaster?

What if the world stops spinning?

What if time ceases

What if… Continue reading “What If?”