Posting Old Works – University’s Stuffs Part 5

This post will be about my journals for my Writing class back in semester 3. It’s a collection of 8 journals that I wrote for the class. Most of them  (alright, all of them) talked about my personal experience. Sometimes, they could be extremely simple, like losing my blackberry one. But I liked them because I didn’t know what came into me at that time, but I gave them such nice titles. Hahaha… Continue reading “Posting Old Works – University’s Stuffs Part 5”


Not the Same

I am sure that almost every people in this world experienced the gap and differences between high school and college. Continue reading “Not the Same”

In The Movie

I believe that watching movie is nothing new nowadays. It is like a very normal thing to do and everyone goes to the cinema to relax after a hectic week.

Continue reading “In The Movie”


As many of my friends have known, I have never been apart from my blackberry since I got it in my second semester. I have never been apart from it for more or less a year. However, it’s all different now. There’s nothing that can be done, except regretting it. I lost my blackberry on November 27th, 2011. Continue reading “With(out)”


Since the start of my first year of college, I have been living in a boarding house, because even if my house is still in Surabaya, but I don’t have any vehicle to travel from home to campus and vice versa. Continue reading “Away”

A Hectic Week

Everyone must have experience some times when their schedules are absolutely unpredictable and tight. At times like those, the possible move to be made is just to let it flow and do it. I have also been having a whole week full with hectic schedules, meetings, and events. Recently, I was having a week full with events. I had at least three major events going on in the same week. Continue reading “A Hectic Week”

Writer’s Block

One thing that I really do not like is having this thing called writer’s block. I love to write, but this writer’s block come out of nowhere and ruins a good story. I hate it most when it blocks my stream of idea right at the time when I am writing my assignment, just like right now. I am trying to finish my journal assignment, and suddenly this writer’s block is coming and shutting my mind from any ideas that may appear. Continue reading “Writer’s Block”

Broadway Baby

So, this is my newest obsession nowadays, Broadway; or at least anything musical, including Disney’s. I get this obsession from my sister and friend, Icha. My sister gets addicted to Disney’s songs all over again, while Icha, often sings unknown songs that happen to be Broadway-ish in the hallway. So, in the campus it’s Icha, while in my house it’s Beauty and the Beast 24/7. Continue reading “Broadway Baby”

Fragments of Mind

I really like writing, even when I did not really know how to. I have written lots and lots of stories about far-off places, princes and princesses, dragons and knights, cold-blooded murderer, high school students, romance, even some that contains motivation. Almost all of my stories used to be happy ending and the characters lived happily ever after. However, I realized that as time goes by, my writing style has changed a lot. Continue reading “Fragments of Mind”

Penang Fantasy

That choir competition in 2009 was the first chance for me to finally go abroad. Even if it was for a competition, but still it was held outside Indonesia. It was in Penang, Malaysia, to be exact. I got really excited, because I was going to go abroad and for a pretty long time too. Continue reading “Penang Fantasy”