College Writing – Midterm Exam

This is my final paper for the midterm exam. I have a total of three drafts before this one, but I decided (of course) to put this one seeing as this is the final one. So…here it is. It’s about the difficulties that the international students here have during their stay in Korea. Continue reading “College Writing – Midterm Exam”


College Writing – Movie Review (Dead Poets Society)

This is also one of my weekly assignments. After watching the movie, Dead Poets Society, we were required to write a review about the story. And this is my work. I’m not quite sure about how to write a good movie review, but I hope this is okay. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!!! Continue reading “College Writing – Movie Review (Dead Poets Society)”

College Writing – Descriptive Paragraphs

These are one of the most enjoyable paragraph that I have ever made in DSU. I like writing descriptive paragraph, especially when the professor told me to describe a person. I can make this in to an exercise for when I write another story. Hahaha… I hope this is okay though. I was required to make two different paragraphs describing two different people. I used my friends as the subjects. Enjoy! Continue reading “College Writing – Descriptive Paragraphs”

College Writing – Paragraphs

Soooo, these are my work for one of the homework in my College Writing and Research class. We need to make a paragraph based on the topic given by the Professor. We can choose the topic, but we must choose two topics and make two paragraphs. So, these are mine. Enjoy! Continue reading “College Writing – Paragraphs”

Freshman Writing – Reunification?

Now this paragraph is for my Writing for International Relations class. It is about the possibility of reunification between North and South Korea. As I’ve said before, I suck at politics, so yeah…you get the idea about how this paragraph’s going to turn out. So this is it: Continue reading “Freshman Writing – Reunification?”

Photography Tutorial 2012.6.16

So I bought this new camera a while ago. However, the problem is, I know NOTHING about how to use it. I just know how to click the button to snap pictures. Pretty lame, I know. Fortunately, one of my friends here is a photographer. Her works are awesome. So, I asked her to tutor me a bit. Just to show me the basic things. And here’s some of the results. They are all amateur’s pictures so…yeah. Continue reading “Photography Tutorial 2012.6.16”

What Happened Within Four Months

Dongseo University!!!


As you may know from my previous posts, I’m staying in Korea for 4 months as a student exchange in Dongseo University, Busan. I’m taking the International Studies major here. Not exactly because I want to, but more because that was the only option. This major was the major that was offered as a part of the exchange program. At first, I was totally confused about the subjects offered in this major. Mainly because I don’t enjoy politics and economy. History? Yeah…so-so. But the other two? Nope. Especially politics. I really don’t like it. So, I chose the subjects that can be converted to my home university which are College Writing and Research, Readings in International Relations, and Writing in International Studies. Okay, I know that it seems weird to take two writing classes, right? It was all because of a misunderstanding. When I chose my subjects, the one helping me (since the website used is in Korean) told me that they were two different subjects, but apparently, they are both writing classes. And they are both pretty easy, because I have had the materials they learnt this semester in my first and third semester in my home university. So, since I joined TWO writing classes, I decided to post some of my writings here. Hope I can be more productive in the future!!!