It Wasn’t

It wasn’t because I hated you

That I pushed you away

It wasn’t that I didn’t want you

That I ignored you Continue reading “It Wasn’t”



I stood there looking at his back. His broad shoulders were slumped, his strides heavy and lacking the joy they usually have. I knew just by looking at his figure from behind, that he didn’t want this to happen. And neither did I, if only he could see from the unshed tears on my eyes or the way I bit my lips hard enough to draw blood just to stop myself form calling out his name. We both didn’t want this to happen, but it was too tiring for us to continue. Continue reading “Heartbroken”


I stared blankly at the white wall in my quiet and empty room. It was sparse now that the bed had been packed and sent to our new home. All the shelves on the wall were now gone. The books that usually littered the floor were all tidily organized into separate boxes based on their genres, thanks to my Mom. I sighed. It still felt like a dream. So unreal. Continue reading “Budding”


I love the smell of the rain

And how the soil turns wet and mushy

From the constant flow of water from above

And how the grass turns a little bit greener

From the pounding of those droplets Continue reading “Post-Downpour”


It was the smell of the wet soil

And the smallest noise of rain

Falling slowly on our porch

That takes my breath away Continue reading “Ours”

What is it that People are Looking For?

What is it that people are looking for?

In a life that is uncertain

In a world that is a mess

In a time that is unsure

I wonder at times Continue reading “What is it that People are Looking For?”

Not The End

The clock was ticking rather loudly in my opinion. It was starting to grate on my nerves. Why did this particular morning seem so slow compared to the other mornings this week? I looked to my right and left and found people, whom I have known for more than 5 years, hunched over their desk, staring solemnly at the papers scattered on their table. It was only 9.00 a.m in a typical Monday morning. Continue reading “Not The End”

August Babies

Since quite a lot of people around me are having their birthdays this month, I decided to dedicate this super short poem for them and you, all the August babies out there. And I’m posting it on the 25th because it’s my little brother’s birthday! So, Happy Birthday to all the August babies!

Continue reading “August Babies”

A Mess

My mind is a mess

A cluttered space filled with

Junks of emotions and feelings

Stopping my head from thinking

Continue reading “A Mess”

[SPOILER ALERT] In a Heartbeat Animated Short Film

Well a few days ago I watched this animated short film because I finally found a post in Instagram talking about it. My sister told me about the trailer/teaser since a while ago but I believe that it was only recently that the full version is uploaded in YouTube. The trailer was cute and I instantly fell in love with the Heart, so when I finally found an instagram post with its thumbnail, I decided to check it out. And it was absolutely brilliant!

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