[SPOILER ALERT] In a Heartbeat Animated Short Film

Well a few days ago I watched this animated short film because I finally found a post in Instagram talking about it. My sister told me about the trailer/teaser since a while ago but I believe that it was only recently that the full version is uploaded in YouTube. The trailer was cute and I instantly fell in love with the Heart, so when I finally found an instagram post with its thumbnail, I decided to check it out. And it was absolutely brilliant!

I expected a fun and cute storyline involving this kid with his heart on the loose trying to get to his crush, but instead I was surprised and shocked (in a good way) to find this 4 minute short film was totally packed with powerful messages. Right from the beginning, the way the creator decided to use two male characters (kids, really) as their two protagonists was already very different from the mainstream animation movies. And then put the fantasy element by making the Heart has its own free will and can pop out of the character’s chest to chase its crush, making this animation even more interesting.

Obviously I love the Heart and the cute sound it made whenever it saw the other guy. But my heart broke when that scene where the two characters finally meet and each cling to half of the heart. And how the people around them started to notice and then the atmosphere turned quite menacing, resulting in one of the boys pulling his part of the heart until it broke in half. It made me realize how powerful peer pressure is. It shapes us for the better but it can also be our downfall. As a part of the community, that few frames in the short movie speaks to me about how we should all be careful about how we treat each other. Peer pressure is scary. And in this case, it wins over what the heart really wants. And as a result, the heart breaks.

Well, aside from that heartbreaking (literally) scene, the whole movie is quite cute and funny. I let out a few chuckles here and there from the beginning to the end (with a little sniff in the middle because of that particular scene). And the other powerful message that only reminds me of what Lin-Manuel Miranda said in one of his speech (if I’m not mistaken, it’s in the Tony Awards held right after the Orlando shooting) : Love is Love. 🙂


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