I go outside

The rain falling for some time

Apparently, it fell when I was unaware

I saw the sky darkens with cloud

I feel free, though, but

I can’t savor, I’m going back

Because I’m busy



I watched the city lights glow

Iridescent, alluring

I looked up to the blackened sky

I feel peace, inside

Outside, sky blinks with its stars

No, I can’t be distracted

I’m busy enough as it is



I sneak a peek again

I can’t help myself

Promise, it’s the last time

I’m not looking anymore

Even though I long, I yearn, I crave

I can’t, no, I mustn’t

I really have things to do, busy


I am encased between four walls

I’m trapped, no, NO, not trapped

I’m focused, determined, dutiful. Yes.

And though once long to break into a run

I’m only wasting away in this space

No, NO, not wasting. Preparing. Yes.

Because I’m busy


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