[SPOILER ALERT] Transformers : The Last Knight

A few days ago I went to the cinema and watched the latest Transformers movie. Well, it was more like I was forced to go and watch this movie even though I was pretty reluctant. I didn’t want to watch it in the first place because I’m not a Transformers fans and I’m not too keen on watching movies with so many explosion scenes, another reason I tend to avoid watching action movies. I’m more of a drama kind of a person, where the story revolves around one or two characters and we can focus on the growth of each characters, so yeah, I didn’t really enjoy the movie. Alas, I watched it already and was left speechless by the movie due to the many unexplained and blink-and-you-miss-it moments. Or is it just me? Hmm…

Anyway, so after the movie, there are several questions that I, try as I may, can’t find the answers to. Here goes :

  1. What the hell happened to the sword? Cade was the knight chosen by that dying Transformers, right? And he was given a medal or some sort that is supposed to keep him safe, and then when the Knights tried to kill Optimus because he ‘betrayed’ their kind, the medal turned into King Arthur’s sword and helped Cade to protect Optimus. Then in the next scene after that glorious appearance, it disappeared… And never returned to any frames after that. So, is the sword not so important after all? But the way they keep on shooting the medal-cum-sword from the beginning made it look like it was something extremely important. So, what happened?
  2. So is the story about Cade, Izabella, Viviene, Bumblebee, or Optimus? I feel like there are so many ‘important’ characters introduced with their own backgrounds so that it’s pretty hard for me to focus. At the beginning I though it will be about the little girl, then came Cade and I thought it was about Cade AND Izabella. But then there was this English Lady Viviene who was a direct descendant of Merlin. Like what?
  3. Who is the Last Knight? Is it Cade? Is it Viviene? Is it Optimus? I just don’t get it. First it seemed like Cade was the chosen knight and even the Folgan Prince said in his lines that Cade is the last knight, but if being a knight is so important, enough that it became the title, I didn’t feel his importance at all in the bigger side of things. Like, yes, his contribution and help for the Transformers made him an important figure, but in order to get Merlin’s Staff and stop Quintessa, I think that Viviene’s character was more important. And since the whole movie was basically revolving around that staff, shouldn’t it be called Transformers : Merlin’s Staff or something instead of The Last Knight? I don’t know…
  4. Also, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO COGMAN? After he watched his master died on the battlefield, there were no more scenes of him at all. Not even a glimpse. It was so abrupt, that’s what I’m saying. Well I think that the whole resolution thing in this movie are all too abrupt, like how Optimus changed back after he heard Bumblebee’s voice. The process was too fast. And yet they put extra duration on backgrounds and introductions like those scenes with King Arthur and Merlin. That scene was too long, in my opinion.

Oh well, I could talk more about this movie but then it will be a very long post and I don’t think my brain is ready for that kind of concentration yet (not in this holiday period). So, to recap, yes I don’t think that this Transformers movie is a good one. But it can also be because of my general disinterest to these kinds of movies. And I didn’t really follow the Transformers universe (the last Transformers movie I watched still had Shia Labeouf in it), so yeah, what do I know, right?


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