A grunt

A shout

A painful scream

Torn from delicate throat

From fragile looking body

Lain weakly on the white-covered bed

Covered in sweat and laced with agony

Written clearly on her face


Another grunt

Another shout

Another painful scream

A moment feels like forever

A minute feels like days and months

Every piercing pain feels intense

As intense as a hot burning fire

Making breathing a struggle




A new grunt

A new shout

A loud protesting scream

Pierced through the chaos

A cry loud in the dark night

An exclamation of encouragement

One last shout full of joy

And the long awaited cry


A deep sigh

A silent whisper of love

A tearful smile

A warm small fragile body

Bundled safely in a warm blanket

Embraced tightly in her arms

A light kiss placed

“Welcome to the world.”


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