[SPOILER ALERT] Beauty and the Beast

So a few days ago I finally watched Beauty and the Beast 2017 with my family and friends. And since Belle is one of my most favorite Disney Princess, I think it’s only proper if she deserves another post after I have watched the movie.

So, Beauty and the Beast, as I have talked about in my last post, has been highly anticipated by both me and my sister since the first time Disney announced that they were going to make the live action version of it. Added with the amazing casts lined up for the role, I must say that after watching the movie, the casts and crews of this movie really delivered this tale as old as time with a breath of fresh air in it.

The acting were all great (of course) with such big names like Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, and Ewan McGregor on the line, of course the acting (or should I say the voice acting) were absolutely brilliant. They are all brilliant actors. And for their ‘human’ counterpart as well, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, and Josh Gad, their performance were great too! I have nothing to say against the way they bring out their inner Disney characters to the big screen. Love it! And I love the fact that Gaston appeared more evil and mentally-unstable in this version rather than the animation one. Bravo to Luke Evans.

Next is the song. Of course what is a Disney movie without its magical songs? Surely enough, Alan Menken once again have astonished the audience with his extraordinary music arrangement. I personally love Days in the Sun and Evermore (this one song is going to have its own post. Or at least I’m planning to make one later). His music has always been so magical to our ears and I literally grew up with his songs so it’s nice to see that he doesn’t lose his touch and once again mesmerized us with his music. The lyrics (by Tim Rice and Howard Ashman) were also beautifully written that they left such a deep impression to the audience. A much needed component when watching any musical/movie musical performance, in my opinion. And then combine those beautiful songs and lyrics with the beautiful voices of the casts (Audra McDonald, oh my goodness her voice is just…I’m totally speechless) and you will be left amazed and stunned.

In my last post, I said that I was a bit disappointed in listening to Emma Watson and Dan Stevens singing voices in their original soundtrack, but that was when I only listened to the songs through Spotify. Once I watched the movie and listened to the songs at the same time, the image presented in the movie kind of distracted me from the singing a bit. It was sort of like, my attention was divided so that I didn’t really pay that much attention to whether Beast’s voice was too muffled or how Belle’s seemed like they use too much auto-tune (I guess I need to clarify this in a sense that I don’t know if they really do use auto-tune with Emma Watson’s voice, but in some part of the songs, it sounded like they did use it to my ears. If anyone has any accurate info about this, please do share. :)). All in all, it was a great experience watching this live action movie musical.

But my favorite part is how they decided to give many characters their own background stories. Even in the marketplace scene during the song ‘Belle’ each supporting characters had more ‘life’ to them compared to the animation. Instead of just being an ordinary passerby, the character has much more depth to them and their own story such as Monsieur Jean who seem to always lost something but couldn’t remember what, and the flirty egg seller and his customer. These little details absolutely bring more life to the movie. Then there was the background story of Belle and her father, Maurice and how her Mother actually died from the plague. And how it was revealed that actually it was his father’s fault that Beast turned out to be as bad as he was in the beginning of the movie. Even the love story between the ‘household objects’ were given that little extra spice. Plumette got more involved in the story, Mrs. Potts met Mr. Potts during the small battle, Cadenza and Madame de Garderobe also have more part than in the animation. All in all, I love the extra details they put in this movie to make it fresher and more modern.

P.S.: Pictures are all taken from Google (definitely not mine!). Thank heavens for Google!


10 thoughts on “[SPOILER ALERT] Beauty and the Beast

  1. Did Emma Watson really use auto-tune? I admit her voice is not as good as the others (let’s just say Emma Thompson’s!)

    1. I’m not sure but some part of her singing voice sounded like it was auto-tuned to me. She sounded okay, in my opinion, but she’s kinda in the shadow compared with all the greats singers in the cast like Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, and Audra McDonald (of course).

      1. Hi! I definitely agree, she was outshone by other brilliant singers. She sounded, like you said, okay, but they sounded terrific and therein lies the problem. She paled in comparison.
        P.S. Sorry for butting in! Oops?

      2. I’m a musical and Disney fansss! Though it’s kinda hard to find shows here. And even though they do have some shows, it’s in Jakarta, so the cost will be extremely high for me. T.T

      3. I’d be hard pressed to find an actual live musical here. Everything I watch will be of the movie version, should it exist. Which is your favourite musical? And DISNEY IS AHHH. Favourite Disney character?

      4. TRUE! And even those movie musicals are just rising to popularity nowadays. My favourite musical is changing quite a lot (I just happen to be that random. Lol) but I guess THE musical for me is Les Mis. And fave Disney character, I must say, I think it’s Belle. Or Olaf. XD

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