Beauty and the Beast Hype

So, since I’ve been lagging in my updates these past couple of days, I can’t tell you how glad I am to find a new topic to write about, which is, the latest movie hype : Beauty and the Beast 2017. It’s the live action one with Emma Watson as Belle in case there are people who don’t know (I doubt it though).

It’s been such a huge Hot Topic for my sister since I can’t remember when, but I wouldn’t put it past her to start going about this since the first time Disney told us common people about their plan on making the live action version of one of its best animations of all time. And even though I’m not overly excited about the news, but still, I grew up while watching Belle sings her heart out in that first song in the animation, so of course, I can’t help the anticipation from bubbling up.

First things first, I’d love to talk about how I really love this particular Disney Princess and animation. Well, of course, seeing from Disney’s Princesses before Belle, we can safely say that she’s different. She doesn’t come from royalty, she loves to read, she is active, she fights for what she believes, and she has ambition for something much more than, and I quote, “this provincial town.” So, of course I love her. I love her character and the shift Disney has made in their Princess characteristics to this stronger and more real version of a real girl. Because, let’s face it, most girls aren’t like Snow White, Aurora, or Cinderella. So, I love the shift from the ‘passive’ Princesses to a more active one with a feminist streak in Belle.

Anyway, back to the live action thing, it’s scheduled to come out to theaters int he next few days if I’m not mistaken and Emma Watson will portray the character Belle. I love Emma Watson with her Hermione Granger portrayal and I love what she stands for. I love that she’s a feminist which I think is a match with Belle’s characteristics. So, I’m quite happy and excited to hear that she will be the ‘new’ Belle. And once I read the article about her refusing to wear corsets for Belle’s ball gown, I love her even more. And even though my sister says that she’s a bit disappointed with the way the dress look kind of different from the animation, we agree that the significance is much greater than the design of the dress. I really like how she does this.

Then, comes the singing part. I know from my sister that among the casts, Luke Evans played Gaston, Josh Gad played LeFou, Ewan McGregor played Lumiere, and Emma Thompson played Mrs. Potts. Now, even though I was kinda hoping Angela Lansbury will play Mrs. Potts (since her voice is so iconic for Mrs. Potts), but I know that these casts can really sing and I’ve heard them sing some beautiful songs before. What I’m excited about more than hearing them sing it all out again is the singing voice of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens who portrays Belle and The Beast. And I’ve heard the songs in Youtube and I must say that I’m a bit…disappointed.

Surely, this is only a subjective opinion of mine, but I’m a bit disappointed that the Beast sounded so muffled with his singing voice and that Belle is lacking those characteristics you mainly find in musical theater actors. A bit of stress here and there, just the exact timing to go to a spoken or whispered lines instead of continuing to sing to put a bit of importance to a certain phrase or sentences. I just didn’t hear that from her voice. Sure she can sing. She can get the notes right. But I feel like there’s something lacking. I can’t really explain it really well, but there’s just something that her voice lacks compared to those of Luke Evans’ for example. That certain musicality perhaps. Not sure, but that’s what I get from hearing the soundtracks from Youtube. Anyway, I hope that in the actual movie, they won’t sound like that. Hopefully. Finger’s crossed. We all need to actually watch the movie to know, but I’m keeping my hopes up till then.


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