Madura’s Hidden Paradises Pt. 2

Hullo! The next part of my Madura adventure is finally here. So, in the last post I ended it right before we went for a lunch in one of the most popular and famous duck restaurant in Madura. We ordered Bebek Songkem for lunch, it was one of that kind of dish that people associated with Madura. It was too bad that I didn’t get to snap any pictures since we were all pretty starving that time so there was literally no thoughts in my mind aside from :!Anyway, after a hot and spicy lunch that was enough to set my stomach on fire, we continued our short trip to the next location (still a limestone hill kinda thing) called Bukit Kapur Arosbaya. The road towards the exact location of the tourism spot was absolutely narrow it was only enough for one car, so imagine if there were two cars from opposite direction just going towards each other in that narrow road. There was no way to turn back and the road also had a lot of turns which makes it even more difficult to navigate. BUT! Once you’ve driven passed all those narrow road, you’ll see the scenery that will take your breath away. The song Misty Mountain from the Hobbit just suddenly played in my head constantly while seeing the scenery in front of me.

16422660_10208297814991614_4860978402735157699_oRight after we entered the area, we were welcomed with this great view of many hidden alcoves (is that the correct word? I’m not sure). One of them was this hole in a wall thingy. When you walked inside you will be taken away to some kind of magical land (my brain was constantly on a Narnia-Harry Potter-LotR-Hobbit setting back there) where you just might be whisked away to meet Aslan if you turn the wrong (or right) way.

16403072_10208297816671656_7201697776580853222_oA little further inside the limestone hill, we found this magnificent looking scene laid out in front of us. It was all so beautiful I just couldn’t find the words to describe them. Just that if you ever find yourself in Madura, taking a short detour to this place won’t be something you will regret. In fact, you’ll regret just passing this place without even making an effort to find it. It’s truly the definition of a hidden beauty!

16463170_10208297819711732_1281061121043878085_oAnd aside from the beautiful, tall, magnificent limestone hills, this place was also filled with mini swamps that just added to its mysterious and mythical aspects. I totally felt like I was in a different world and could almost imagine Saphira (yep, Eragon reference here) flying above my head with her wings spread wide.

16422883_10208297803751333_1523218123499593624_oEven further back, we found this amazing background that was just perfect for a group photo and group related activity. And since we were quite hooked on doing the mannequin challenge, we did one here with all 70 or more people in red. I was the one recording and I risked my life (or more like my ankle) recording that mannequin challenge video. The ground was uneven and even though it was a pretty scenery, it was totally hard to keep a steady hand recording a video while walking around. Hopefully it turned out quite well, though.

16422285_10208297801191269_8247523720016205348_oAfter the mannequin challenge was done and my ankle was saved from further risky recording actions, we went even deeper into the area. It was really beautiful, that’s all I can say really. I wasn’t aware that this secluded and hard-to-reach place would offer something so breathtaking. Even deeper inside there were some sort of caves with sunlight streaming down towards the rocky surface. Once again, all the Narnia/Eragon/LotR/The Hobbit kind of sceneries came into my mind.16252522_10208297806671406_3884636682903379706_oAnd then there was this cave-like spot that was just awesome (with a single beam of sunlight coming down from the top) for picture-taking. And so, me and my family just have to unleash our weird and awkward poses there, right? (minus my youngest brother. He was just missing all the time, I didn’t know where he was at that time). And that picture ended our short short trip to this place and to Madura. After we were done taking a lot of pictures in this beautiful place, we went back to Surabaya under the pouring rain (I swear it seemed as if we were in the middle of a storm at that time!)


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