It’s a New Thing

I don’t like anything too sour, too sweet, too spicy, too bitter. My palate is somewhat neutral, except for salty things. I really can’t live without salt or soy sauce to add to my food. That’s just how much I love salty food. Therefore, I don’t really enjoy especially sour fruit, too spicy food/sambals, too sweet cakes, too bitter coffee. So, it’s truly fate that I happen to be working for a coffee manufacturing company. Just my luck!I admit, at first I was reluctant and worried. What am I going to do here? I don’t understand coffee, I don’t even like the drink, I don’t care enough to find out about all its detailed kinds and types. All I know was that coffee is bitter and I don’t like it. And I’m more of a tea drinker rather than coffee from the beginning. So, I was really flustered when I got the training and especially worried that I will not be able to do my job properly since I’m so lacking in the knowledge about coffee. But still, since I got the job, I must know about the products that I’m working with, right? So I did the only thing that I know I can do quite well. I memorize.

I memorized the hints and types of coffee. I did that quite fast actually, but there are still a lot of things that I don’t know about. Now, three months into this new job, I can tell you what we have here and maybe give you a suggestions which coffee to buy based on the level of acidity and body. But that’s just text book. I just memorized the information written in the catalog. Once people asked me to actually taste the coffee and describe it, my answer will still be the same : bitter.

And so, I just can’t believe it that nowadays, my daily beverage contains of a small cup of black coffee. Every single day. Who would believe it. And even though I still cannot differentiate one origin from the other or taste that citrusy/fiery/earthy/chocolaty kind of hints in the coffee, but I’m drinking black coffee every day. Without sugar. Without water added to make it less bitter. I myself can’t believe it, but it happens.

Well, just when I was writing this post, I had just finished a small cup of Espresso Blend. And even though I started it as a way to keep me from falling asleep on my laptop most of the time (especially after lunch), I realize that I’m slowly getting used to this bitter drink. I’m learning and tasting it slowly. And getting used to drink this is the first step to gain more knowledge about this drink, right? (I hope so!)


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