The Restaurant Debacle

Hi again, so quite a few days ago I celebrated my 25th birthday and I was planning on treating my friends to an all-you-can-eat restaurant in Surabaya. The plan was far from smooth, it was full with many glitches and problems and mini heart attacks. Here’s the complete account of what actually happened.So, I chose this restaurant because, first, it was an all-you-can-eat kinda thing. I was actually looking for that type of restaurant since I can be sure of the expenses that I’m going to make (yeah, I’m stingy like that, I know), but still, my friends get to eat to their heart’s content. So, all-you-can-eat restaurant it is. The second reason is because I found a voucher for this restaurant in one of those sites you all know about. The discount was pretty big, and it also says that if I reserve the restaurant for 10 people, I get to add 1 more person to the mix free of charge. Me and my friends combined, there will be more than 10 people in our group, so this is THE restaurant for me.

Before I bought the vouchers, though, one of my friends told me to call the restaurant and make sure that the 10 + 1 thingy was the correct information. Typical of Indonesian people (usually). We just can’t be sure of anything written unless we hear the confirmation by ourselves, even though basically it’s the same information. Oh well, it’s already ingrained in our mind since a long long long loooonng time ago. Maybe because we are used to pass on information orally from the beginning instead of reading/writing it.

Anyway, so I made the call and confirmed that yes, indeed, the information was true (what did I expect? That they would write untrue information and posted it online. Duh?!) and if I invited 11 people, I just need to buy 10 vouchers. So, after getting the confirmation, I quickly bought the vouchers (11 vouchers since there are 12 of us). Vouchers bought, we moved on to the start of the problem (or my mini heart-attack-moments I’d like to call it).

First heart attack came from my friend who said that the vouchers can only be used in the afternoon. I swear my heart stopped beating for a millisecond before it snapped back to the reality and started pumping blood all over my body. I was absolutely shocked! Imagine! It was not a small amount of money and I already paid all of them. I almost fainted before I realized that there were a lot of promotional vouchers on that site for that specific restaurant and most of them were for lunches package. Apparently, she mistook the one of the lunch packages with our vouchers because she only saw the name of the restaurant. I immediately took a deep breath to relax myself. Crisis averted.

Then in the evening, another surprising news came. I asked my friend to help me make the reservation in the restaurant and then she told me that the Free 1 person thingy cannot be used on the SAME DAY as the other vouchers. So, if I wanted to invite 12 people, I would have to buy 12 vouchers then I will get 1 free voucher for me to use another day. I mean, WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS?! (She told me about this while I was driving and I was afraid I might got into an accident because I was inwardly cursing that restaurant too much). First, they told me one thing and then they told my friend the opposite thing. Get a grip, please, people!

Alas, the next day, my other friend tried to contact the restaurant again. Someone else (different from the one before who told my friend that we couldn’t use the free 1 person thing on the same day) answered the phone and told her that yes we CAN use the free 1 person thing on the same day and that I just need to buy 11 vouchers for a 12 people reservation. PHEW! Another crisis averted! Oh well, at least this one was the last crisis that I got during the planning of this dinner/reunion kinda thing. At least, in the end, it went well. Cheers!


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