The Importance of Watching Movies

Hi everyone. So this post literally comes out of nowhere. It just hit me like a lightning. The inspiration just comes to my mind so suddenly without any preamble. And the reason is because of one small insignificant seemingly normal remarks from someone (yes I prefer not to mention the exact name here, just know that it’s a He). If anyone happens to know who I’m talking about by any chance, just leave it at that. This post is not about him anyway, his remarks only gave me the idea to write this.

It happened when he was watching some news in the television. It was just your ordinary evening and everyone was doing their own thing. So a little background story : previously before he was watching the political news in the television, someone else was watching a movie and then she asked him about something related to the news that he’s been watching. And he said, “That’s why you shouldn’t just watch movies. Try to watch some news so that you know things.”

Okay, so the fact that the one asking about the political news thingy was a woman, was something absolutely cliche and typical that happens in our normal daily life, I presume. It’s the generalized and stereotypical notion that women has nothing to do or at least less (or none) interest in anything related to politics. And that’s personally true for me. I find politics too scary for my heart. But that’s just my personal opinion and I know several women who are absolutely thrilled in talking about politics as much as men do and it’s just so unfair to put that clueless-to-politics stereotype to all women, as can be assumed from that statement above.

But I’m getting off point with this. What I wanted to talk about was about the movie. As a movie enthusiast myself, I felt a bit offended by the somewhat degrading comment about movies. What I got from that comment was that watching movie is useless and a waste of time. It holds absolutely nothing of importance towards our lives and it’s just there for your enjoyment or when people are trying to escape from the harsh reality briefly. Well, I need to tell you that movie is much more than that (if you know what to look for. It’s the details that matter!!!).

So I just have to write this post to defend those amazing movies that literally change lives! First of all, movies can definitely teach you about many things depending on the genre and storyline. As an audience we need to pick apart (excuse my language) the details of the movie to actually get the gist of the story and what it means. That’s why some really good movies can actually change someone’s lives, else there will be no that so-called motivational movies, right? The problem is not the fact that movies don’t offer anything important or of value, it’s actually the audience who just don’t want to see beyond the movie and the enjoyment it offers. It’s what lies beneath the surface of a happy-go-lucky comedy movie that actually talks about life in a deeper sense than any dramatic movie (cue your favorite comedy movie of all time) that matters. We, as the audience, need to be able to see that and only that way we can put meanings to those amazing movies.

Second, you can learn about the culture, habit, their way of life, or even new languages by watching those movies. For example, I have been watching a lot of American TV Shows during my study in University, so my English is greatly influenced by all the American accents going on. And automatically I also pick up the American spelling from reading many American novels. But when I exposed myself to British movies and literature aside from the American ones, as a result now sometimes I’m writing color in one sentence and then colour in the next one and I get confused if asked to distinguish some words and put them into that American-or-British category. Another good example is how I literally learn Korean from my obsession with K-Pop and K-Drama at that time. So yeah, you can actually learn something important from a mere movie. (Now, since I have been exposing myself to some Thailand dramas, I also started to pick up some new Thai words! How awesome is that?!).

Now, I need to end this post or I will keep on rambling about the importance of watching movies. There are a lot more things beneficial you can get from watching movies that I can explore but maybe in another opportunity. This post is getting out of hand in length. Anyway, basically, in my opinion, a movie’s worth depends on the audience’s understanding towards it and whether or not the audience decides to make something more out of it instead of just treating it as a mere entertainment.


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