The Second Day in February

It was supposed to be just your ordinary day. Ordinary second day in a month. But it also happened to be the day I was born into this harsh and cold world from my warm and safe cocoon of my Mom’s womb. So, nothing was going in an ordinary manner that day. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Just like what I wrote in my previous post about turning 25, personally I didn’t really feel the difference and the special-ish quality to the day. But the people around me totally made me feel quite special and not to mention absolutely and pleasantly surprised. First surprise was the keep-em-coming cakes that I received in just one day! And it wasn’t even a full 24 hour day, but I have received 4 cakes in total. I have never seen soooo many cakes in my life before! I was totally in a constant sugar-rush state the whole day starting from lunch.

The first cake was from my new and lovely office mate. They went out of their way to prepare the cake and I felt really grateful. I admit I was thinking that nobody would know my birthday since I was still a newbie in this company, but the fact that they prepared a cake for me made me really grateful and welcomed (Thanks guys!). And then came the second cake attack.

Just minutes after I started digging into my lunch, I was called downstairs. They said a friend of mine was waiting for me. So I went down and found this cute little sliced cake (and yummy too!) with a single yellow flower from this chubby-cheek sister of mine who so loveesssss kidnapping me for lunches here and there throughout the week. And t was a new experience for me too for making a wish and blowing a birthday candle in the security guard’s post in a company. LOL. But anyway, thankssss and thanksss again for the cake and for the flower (especially since it was tied with the yarn from her company). XD

The third cake attack came after I went home that day. Since I had a dinner reservation somewhere to enjoy with my family, I rushed home. After I reached home, my sister told me to open the fridge and there I found my third cake that day. It was so pretty!!! Almost too pretty to eat. Well, big stress on the word almost. And it had a hint of purple there too aside from all the chocolate. Hmm…chocolate and purple, my favorit type of sweets and my favorit color on the same cake. You know me so well (insert that song we all know…). Cheers, Jeng!

The fourth cake attack came from my family (my Dad to be exact. Thanks, Pa!). It was after dinner and I thought there would be no more surprises, cakes, or presents. Well, I was so wrong. Right when we got home, my sister told me to hide away somewhere and not come out before she said so. After all the prepping was done, she called me over and told me to go to the kitchen and there it was, another cake! After another candle-blowing tradition done, we quickly put the cake into the fridge because it was starting to melt. And that was it. With this fourth cake, there was no more cake attacks that day. Phew! I mean I’m glad and elated to have so many people giving me cakes, but it will be extremely hard work to burn off all the calories from all those sugary concoctions! XD

And aside from the cakes, I also need to thank everyone for giving me those nice presents and gifts. Especially my mom who saw my newly-found passion for badminton and decided to buy me a full set of clothes (complete with the shoes too!) specifically for badminton. And I’m loving it (insert those ads jingle we all know…) even though I’m not really sure I’m fond of the cards and what it says…(stares into the card as if it’s a ticking bomb). Just kidding. I LOVE EM! Thankssss everyone for all the gifts and cakes. Love you lots to the moon and back!


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