A Quarter of a Century

So, here it is. A special post that breaks my streak . I did these kind of things here and there if I have something urgent to post and that post just can’t wait for another day. So, once again, here it is. I can’t believe it’s here. And with it comes a new set of expectation from my parents, my family, and basically just everyone around me (even those who don’t really know me apart from my name).Today, I’m turning 25. The quarter of a century, hence the title. My journey up till now was not a smooth sailing one, for sure. There had been many ups and downs in my 25 years of life. As I look back, those hardships and all those roller coaster rides were the things that made me as I am now. Without them, I will be a different person. But of course, those are just some cliche remarks that everyone says at some point of their lives, aren’t they? So, instead of looking back, I’m trying to look forward. Not that I can predict the future, but I’m getting a somewhat blurry image of what to expect in the future after I’m turning 25.

First thing first, I realize that turning 25 is nothing special. It just happened in the blink of an eye. Yesterday I was still 24 years old and today I’m 25 years old. Age is just a number and I believe that. So, nothing really extraordinary happen to me just because I get a year older. But still, I think that the number 25 itself is an important number or age. Because it marks the day you’re entering the quarter of the century, I don’t exactly know why that phrase ‘a quarter of a century’ means so special to me, but it is. I think it’s something different.

Another thing that I need to be aware of is the fact that I’m growing one year older. So, even though it may not seem that special to me, but it still means something. Time moves forward all the time. Last year I realized that I still think of myself as the one in the university. The fact that I’m no longer in that state where everything is much simpler just didn’t exist in my mind. I was shocked when I heard people my age or even younger than me started getting married. One of my best friends just got married last year and now they’re expecting their first child. We’ve been friends since high school and I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that she will soon become a mother to an actual child. As time keeps on moving forward, I realize that I need to move forward too or else I will be left behind, frozen in the state of imaginary safe/comfort zone that I have during college.

Also, the urgency of getting married and settling down is getting more and more demanding as years go by. I started to get those questions (you know what I’m talking about, I’m sure) when I was 23, I got them when I was 24, and now that I’m halfway there to 30, I’m sure that those questions will pop out more and more often from people around me. It’s just one of those things that you have to deal with if you’re a girl and on your way to 30 years old and still single. But I have long decided to just turn the opinions and questions down, because right now, I’m not even sure if I want to get married someday. All I think about now is to live life to the fullest, realizing my dreams if I have the chance to do so, learning so much more, mastering many more things, etc. Basically, there are still a ton of things that I want to do and dating, marriage, and settling down just aren’t in my bucket list for now. I think I’m happy with my single state for now.

So yeah, turning 25 may not be something special, but it surely make me realize several things that will somehow change in the days after I turn 25.  I have some good resolutions and I plan on keeping them (like exercising at least once a week by playing badminton every Monday. I think I’m in a pretty good spot now with 3 consecutive week of playing). But other than that, let’s just see where this year will take me and just go with the flow.


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