Coming Up

So, I have so many things to write about these days that I’m going to have to schedule it all out in a timely and organized manner. It’s just crazy how the ideas just keep on popping up in my mind about what to write. So, what to expect in a couple of days (or could it be weeks?):

– Small Town Blues >> basically me getting a weird and warm feelings about imaginary situation that can only happen in a fictional little town and not in a real world. Will be uploaded soon!

– A Quarter of a Century >> an epic story of a girl’s dangerous quest to reach a quarter of a century.

– Madura Trip related post(s) >> I have no idea how many posts it will become, but I’m planning for at least two short-ish posts at the moment.

– The Restaurant Debacle >> a heart-wrenching and gut-shattering story about me and a restaurant. But, it’s a happy ending one.

There you go. I’ll add more if I have some new ideas coming up. Cheers!

P.S.: I realize that I sounded as if I have tons of readers out there waiting for my updates. But a girl can dream and those small number of people who read my posts will know by now how imaginative I can be. Lol.


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