Being Consistent


I have always found being consistent as something that is quite hard to do. I get bored easily, I’m easily swayed to other things and more often than not I just don’t finish whatever I’m doing at that moment. Sure, when I first started it seemed like such a good idea to do at that time, but as time went by, I started to think about other things and then that seemingly-good-project would be left alone somewhere in the corner. And then I would go on to the next project that would also seem like a good idea only to do the same thing all over again.

So yeah, being consistent is not my forte. But as I keep on posting and slightly ‘forcing’ myself to write something – anything – in this blog to keep it going, I learned about consistency. We need consistency in our lives. Sure we have those moments where we can be as free-spirited as we like, but we still need to be consistent in some things as well. And I found that sometimes forcing and pushing yourself is the way to do it. Another example of my lack of consistency is the fact that I keep on going on an on and off basis in exercising. I know that I need to exercise, and that it’s good for my health, but it’s extremely hard to find that one driving power which is consistency.

And I’ve been agitating over the fact that a few days ago, I didn’t have anymore posts left to be published here, and I’m afraid that it will stop the recurring pattern that I have going in this blog (yep, that one post every 2 days thingy). And so I forced myself to think of any idea to write and it actually helped and I could write something again. This is quite important to me because I used to be able to write about a lot of things. Meaningless things, perhaps, but still a piece of writing, and everyone knows that if you want to write you need to actually write something (anything) to keep it going.

But as you may have known I keep on disappearing here and there from posting on this blog so yea, the streak was not going smoothly at all and I started to lose the willingness to write. I couldn’t seem to find anything worth writing, even though there must be dozens of those. So for me to be able to keep this streak happening is a step towards the so called consistency. I love writing and in order to better my writing skills of course I need to consistently writing all the time. Hopefully, even though sometimes I will write about seemingly unimportant or meaningless things (like this one, perhaps) but I will be able to be more consistent in writing and ultimately, in life.


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