25 Years


backdrop-01So,this was supposed to be a gift for my parents’ 25th anniversary last year. But due to some unforeseen problems, we (me and my sister) didn’t manage to actually make a song out of this and present it to my parents. So, I decided to just post the lyrics here, since it was my Dad’s birthday a few days ago. Let’s just think of this as a birthday/late-anniversary present for them from me and my sister. Here goes.

wp-image-930260332jpg.jpg25 years

25 years of being together

Of standing tall and strong

With the small smile on your face

The frown on your forehead

Though tired you never tell


You hide your problem inside

Showing only your best to us

Through the pain and joy,

And the hardships of life

You pull through, for 25 years

And now we want to say


Amazing gifts, we can’t give you

Expensive things, we can’t buy for you

Wonderful trips to last a lifetime,

We can’t provide you

But hear us out

In this beautiful night

Through this simple melody and jumbled words,

As we pour our hearts,

We love you Mom and Dad


Time keeps on going

Moments cannot be paused

The lines on your face cannot be erased

Trying so hard for us

Giving us what we needed


Showering us with love

Guiding us through life

Never ask for anything in return

And through these years

We took your love for granted

That’s why tonight, we want to say


We know we owe so much to you

And we know we can never pay you back
But take this song as our thanks for you

For the past 25 years and the many years to come, hear us out as we sing tonight


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