My Crochet Story

img_20161110_133027Hi all! This is the post that will keep my a-post-every-two-days streak going. And I’m in the mood of writing about this since I’ve been doing this for a little bit over a year now. My new ‘hobby’ or interest or whatever you would want to call it. Here goes.So, since around November 2015 I started doing this thing called crocheting. I learned from my Mom and she learned from my Grandma (she passed away last year, bless her soul). So it’s a kind of heritage thingy. What made it quite a spectacular or amazing thing for me was the fact that my Mom tried to teach me a long time ago, probably when I was still in High School or even Middle School (or Junior High School whatever you call it). So, she tried to teach me under my request, but I found the process of crocheting each stitch annoying and testing my patience. I gave up quite fast, yep, if I recalled, I didn’t even finish making a set of chains stitches. So, I forgot about it for a long time and never thought that I would pick it up again. I used to think that my younger sister has more patience than me for doing those artsy things (she likes to draw and she can finish a cross stitch project without going out of her mind). So, I thought that she would be the one to pick up this crocheting habit from my Mom.


Then, in 2015, my Mom and her friends from church was having this project to make a small pouch for Rosaries. They planned on distributing them during one of the masses in our church. Seeing them making the pouches with so much concentration piqued my interest and curiosity. I asked my mom how to make them, and she taught me (again), but once again my impatience got me. I remembered feeling so frustrated with the project because I miscalculated and it didn’t look like a pouch. But my Mom helped to recalculate the number of stitches I did wrong and so we managed to salvage the project. It took quite a long time for me to manage to make one pouch (even with the help from my Mom). After that project, I stopped making anything for a while, but then I got the idea to make a scarf for BTS or 방탄소년단 (Yes I’m quite q big fangirl even though I don’t see myself as an ARMY yet). So, my first big project started and I asked my mom to teach me how to make a simple scarf with their initials on it. And yes, I decided to make SEVEN scarfs. Now that I think about it, the number was quite ambitious for an amateur crocheter.

Anyway, at that time, I made a deal with my sister. Since there were seven of them, we split the responsibility. I would make 4 of them and my sister would make the rest (3 scarfs). This project was the start. The official start when I plunged myself to the depth of the crochet world. I just worked on those scarfs daily and was able to finish a scarf within 2 weeks. I seemed to find that patience that I thought I didn’t have and actually finish a project (with very minimal help from my Mom too). Well, once I started this project, other projects started to take place and form (my favorite was still making scarfs). And when my sister left me alone to do all seven scarfs, I finally managed to finish all of them as well (well, it took me 1 year to finish all the scarfs but finally I sent them all before this new year, phew!).


Now, what started as a simple project to satisfy my ‘fangirl’ heart has become my latest obsession. In a way I’m glad for this new obsession because it made me feel closer to my Mom since we share the same hobby now. Back then, I didn’t understand why she would buy a lot of yarns and made things she would just give away to people for free. I mean, the yarns were not cheap, that I can tell you, especially those imported ones. But now, whenever we go somewhere together and there’s a yarn shop or any craft store that sells things related to crochet, I found myself stop by that shop excitedly together with my Mom. I can totally relate to her now regarding this crochet thingy. Aside from that, as I’ve made several projects now, I felt like my patience in dealing with these things grew (I’m not sure about other things, but at least I started to appreciate the beauty of creating something so intricate and detailed from scratch). Well, that’s my story, I just need to put this out there (and to keep my streak going, of course!). See you in next post!!!

(Psssttt! Check out our (me & my Mom) other crochet project in our Instagram @theblucrochet XD)



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