Hi guys! So, recently I got notified by WordPress that I have just published my 100 posts here. I feel like it’s quite an awesome number and I need to write about it. Nothing long, I’ll keep it short (I guess).

Well, basically when I started this blog, I didn’t think that I will keep on writing about random things and posting them here in a timely manner (and it really wasn’t in a timely manner at all). I didn’t even remember why I started this blog. Was it for a school assignment or simply because I wanted a place to rant and post my ramblings (as most of my posts are). But as time goes by, gradually, each and every post decorated this blog. Even though I went on too many hiatuses to count , but at some time in my life, I always went back to writing on this platform. And I think it’s safe to assume that most of my life-changing moment were recorded in this blog as well, especially the one when I was in Korea for 4 months. This blog was really my faithful companion at that time. I remembered writing quite a lot of entries during my brief but meaningful stay in Busan.

Oh well, now that we are reaching 100 posts, I hope that I can always write something and even though I may go on a hiatus or even MIA, I wish that I will always be back here, writing, ranting, rambling, and just letting my feelings, opinions, thoughts, ideas out.

Well, finally, happy 100 posts my beloved blog! We still have a long way to go after this. Let’s reach 200, 300, and many more posts in the future together!!! Huzzah!



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