So, need I say it anymore? This may or may not contains spoiler, but, well, to be on the safe side, let’s just say that this contains spoiler. So for those of you who haven’t watched the movie SING, read this post at your own risk. Let’s go!So several days ago I finally watched SING, yep the animation movie from Illumination Studios. They have huge successes with their Minions and now they are coming back with a musical animation. Hmm…started to go to the same direction with Disney and their incredible songs? Well, I can’t help but wonder. Nonetheless, the story was quite okay. Nothing quite touching or whatsoever, but it was to be expected with so many characters on the movie in such a short time. And so, in consequence, the background story and the development of each characters are too quick for my taste. But still I quite enjoyed the movie and decided that I would like to write a post dedicated to the movie, especially its individual characters.


So two of my favorite characters in the movie, aside from Buster Moon, the ‘main’ character, are Meena the Elephant and Johnny the Gorilla. I’m not sure as to why they choose Meena to be an elephant and Johnny to be a Gorilla, but what I get from the movie is the classic ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ vibe. Johnny is in a gang, his father is the leader of said gang, but he’s a gentle soul and just a little kid at heart who loves to sing and perform on stage. It’s total opposite from his tough guy appearance. This principle also applies to the real world, I guess, because we often judge people just by their appearance. I love that the production team made his character so different from his looks.

Meena, on the other hand, is an elephant who is also gentle and so loving despite the great strength her body has. The traits shown in the movie are definitely elephant-like, since elephants are generally described as gentle and quite a shy animal. But what makes me love her character is the fact that she’s the underdog. Everybody, aside from her family, thinks that she just doesn’t have it in her to sing. She has stage fright, she embarrasses herself onstage, knocking over mics and everything on her way, she freezes on the spot, but at the end of the movie, she can overcome her fear and just sing! Just be who she is. I think that this, too, is very relatable, especially for me. I have had regrets in which I wish to be a little bit braver. And wonder, what I can achieve if only I can overcome my fear. I feel like the development in the character is very apparent in her character. And I love her very much, especially since she’s such a kind soul (what’s with her cookies and cakes).


The other two characters that I really like as they symbolizes girl powers are Rosita the Pig and Ash the Porcupine. Rosita is someone who has lost sight of who she truly is, in my opinion. She has grown complacent, though quite sad and stressed, with her role as a mother and wife. Her husband just doesn’t help (yea, I don’t like her husband’s character very much…) and her kids are just a handful. But apparently, behind all those things, she is a brilliant woman who has a knack for constructing things (she literally make a complete ‘morning routine machine’ for her kids and husband all by herself when she must be away for a rehearsal early in the morning. How many people can do that?! This just shows how wonderful a mother is, a woman is. there’s just more than what meets the eye in Rosita’s case. She’s an incredible dancer as well.

In case of Ash’s character, well, she’s a teenager. She is shadowed by her boyfriend who is just so full of himself and doesn’t let her shine. He constantly makes her feel insecure and lack of self-confidence, even though she is actually a star. The good thing is she finally realizes that there’s so much more in her than what her boyfriend sees and she slays that song she sang at the concert. I think it was a nice self-discovery story fitting with the teenage theme applied on her character. Oh, and I love her boyfriend’s expression when he finally sees her on TV. Yea, shame on you, pal! (Am I getting too excited with this? Lol.)


Well, so the last two characters I’m going to write about are Mike the Mouse and Buster the Koala. I love Buster. Love his fluffiness. Love his cute chubby cheeks and love his looks with a speedo on (LOL). He’s just one cute little Koala. But especially, I love his optimistic attitude towards life. No matter what happens, he strives and does his hardest (even though he sometimes resorts to an illegal way to achieve it) to save his beloved theater. If ever I have a theater on my own (Amen to that!), I think I will do the same thing as him. I will be super heartbroken if my theater is taken away or destroyed by a mini tsunami (like in the movie). Well, at the very least, I totally get his fascination with the theater.

The last but not least character is Mike the Mouse. I don’t really have that strong connection with his character aside that he has such a big ego for such a small body. Again with the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ theme. He can be considered as the troublemaker in this movie. And he’s such a snob…yeah well, that sums up what I think about Mike, I guess. Sorry, Mike. XD

Oh well, that’s all I can write about this movie. Quite an enjoyable family movie in my opinion. I just hope there’s more development in each characters and their back story as well. But that would make an extremely long movie I guess. Not good for children’s short span of concentration period. Lol. Anyway, bye!


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