[SPOILER ALERT] Collateral Beauty

So I can’t actually believe that I’m writing about Collateral Beauty first instead of Moana. Let’s just say that I’m a sucker for Christmasy movies and stuff. I just can’t get away from a good cry over a nice, warm, and fuzzy movie which is perfect for this Christmas season. As is my last post regarding a movie review, I must warn you that I will be talking about some parts of this movie and for those of you who haven’t watched it, you may find a bit of a spoiler here and there. Consider yourself warned and let’s go!

So, I have just watched Collateral Beauty with my family. It was the perfect family movie. Sure, it’s your typical family Christmas movie about redemption, finding yourself, overcoming grief, yadda yadda yadda. But still that format surely never fails to amaze me everytime I watch these type of movies. What I especially like from ths movie, aside from the fact that they gather up some incredible names in the industry (they got Helen Mirren!), is the lines. Gosh, those lines were so cringe-worthy but absolutely sweet and spot on at the same time. They seemed like they came from a book of poetry or something. And when Keira Knightley said them, I felt like I’m watching Pride and Prejudice all over again (or any movie in that era with Jane Austen’s theme and language style, you know what I mean).

I also love the theme. It was so human and we can all relate to it in some parts of our life. We must have lost someone or something in life and we all have our own way in dealing with it, and sometimes people went to the deep end just like Will Smith’s character did in the movie. And they might not have the friends who would take that extra measures to help. Well, I guess this movie is all about people’s healing process and how they deal with their grief. The theme is extremely relatable and I think that’s what makes it a nice movie.

Another thing about this movie is Will Smith. I notice that he always make that same expression whenever he acts (if you have watched him act in several of his movie, you’ll know what I mean), but I got to hand it to him, he’s super good in acting out being sad. I bawl my eyes out at that scene when he talked with his friends ans coworkers and told them that they were doing the right thing, and that he knew and noticed what happened to each and everyone of them. That was the first tear-inducing scene for me. The next one was when he could finally speak about his daughter with his counselor who turns out to be his wife. The way he spoke his daughter’s name and how she died just broke my heart. It was so sad and touching, I couldn’t control my tears anymore at this scene, I ended up bursting to tears in the middle of the cinema.

All in all, being such a sucker for a good family drama, I just love this movie. Like I said, it was a warm and fuzzy type of movie perfect for Christmas. It made you realize that you need to spent the time with your family and loved ones because as Howard said, ‘Tomorrow’s not promised.’

And the three things that he mentioned at the beginning of the movie; I guess those three were the theme of life. This movie is one of those that reminds us to live life to the fullest and to realize the ‘collateral beauty’.

“We long for LOVE, we wish we have more TIME, and we fear DEATH.”


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