My Dreadful Trip to Dispenduk

Hullo. First of all, some warning might be appropriate to start this post. So here goes: beware, some of the content here may be in Bahasa Indonesia (MAY is the important word because it totally depends on my mood to write in English or Bahasa Indonesia). Anyway, to make story short, I lost my wallet. I don’t know how, where, or when. It’s all still very mysterius for me. So, in order to go on with my life after the incident, I need to get a brand new ID Card (we call it KTP here). And this post is dedicated to all the troubles that I faced today in order to get a new one. Cheers.

So I started by going to the local authorities around my place (yep, RT, RW, Kelurahan, and so forth). After a lot of hassle from being passed around those institutions, I end up at this place called DISPENDUK. Here, I supposed to get my new KTP. I got there at around 2 in the afternoon, and imagine my shock when I was given the number 224 for my queue. I could only laugh bitterly at that. The shock worsened when I realized that the officers were calling number 135 to come forward. There was around 100 people between me and my new ID. Felt like fate had just put me in a very big joke which wasn’t even funny.

So I waited and waited and waited. Time ticked by and people got impatient. One man started yelling and telling the officers to go faster in their works.

“Ayo! Cepetan, Pak! Masih banyak ini nomernya!” that man yelled loudly.

And then it escalated from there. Spurred by this man action, a woman started complaining and adding fuel to his anger. And while it happened, all I think about was how embarrassing it would be if I actually knew one of those people. I thought that they were being too impatient and that the officers were doing their best; there was just too many people coming!

But then after he yelled, I looked at the officers and saw how relaxed they were working. They could still chat with each other between customers (after they finished talking with one and before they called the next one) and I even saw one of them munching on snacks freely in front of us, who were waiting painfully long for their calls.

Then the annoyance towards them came. I felt like it was unfair that they could work  that relaxed while there were literally a hundred people waiting just in front of them. And they were supposed to be what you called Civil Workers. The country paid them to help us, peasants (I mean citizens, really.) How was that attitude helping?

And during all that, my biggest fear was that if it was already time for them to go home, they would just stop calling our numbers and went home just like that. And for just a mere painful minute, I thought they were going to do just that, because all of them stopped calling our numbers, relaxed even more, packed their bags, wore their jackets, and went home. It was still number 160-ish when they did that. I was no. 224.

Fortunately, scary demonstration and fights towards the officers disn’t happen because some of the officers stayed overtime to help with the rest of the applicants/customers. But, even so there were just too many are left and it was extremely slow moving. Worse, someone in the information desk kept on giving queue numbers to people coming. It seemed endless.

Reaching no 170-180 a guy went up to the officers in anger and there seemed to be quite a heated argument between him and one of the officers (I know it must be stressful to stay overtime because of us, but I don’t think someone who works in a customer service kind of job should talk back to the customers). It stopped after that guy got his application processed.

After that they changed their system and it was actually faster that way. So instead of processing the applications one by one per person, they simply gathered all the applications, processed them in their back-office, and just called the names ready to take their new ID, letters, or whatever they needed. At last, after 3 hours, give or take, I got my letter to take my new KTP. Meaning, I need to be at least late to work (again!) on that day to get my new KTP and activate it. Damn.

Anyway, I completely understand that it must be so stressful to be a civil worker. People just have that one stereotype (or just a thought really) that civil workers aren’t human or anything because they seem to demand more of them just because they are (maybe) paid by our taxes or something (again, I don’t understand how this works in real life… I’m pretty ignorant about things and I realize that I need to pay more attention) But they are only humans, regular people just like us. They have families too, and if they stay overtime too much to help us then their families will not be able to spend enough time with them.

However, another side of me thinks (automatically contradicting myself as always) that, isn’t that their job? That’s what they are paid to do right? So why should we care? They are paid to help us and we’re going to get that help no matter what. Right?

But my first point always win at the end because if I put myself in their family’s shoes I will totally hate to not be able to spend time with them because of their work.

However, even though I feel like we are sometimes too demanding to them, I can also relate to the anger and the annoyance people in general seem to have towards civil workers. Especially seeing them chat, laugh, eat snacks in front of us while we are waiting for them to call our numbers. It’s quite disrespectful, I think, because we are also working adults here (mostly) and we make time from our job just to go to that institution. I started today just telling my boss that I’ll be late to work but instead I took a leave because it’s taking a whole day to take care of everything. And that attitude just makes my blood boils because I feel like they disrespect my time. It seems like because WE need THEM to be able to process our application, it doesn’t matter that some of us may lose a day’s salary coming there. And that’s the one thing that annoys me the most.

I think that they need to make a better system. I don’t know what system is best, because I believe that the government is full with people who are experts at what they are doing. I believe that a better system can be found. But, it doesn’t matter how good the system is if the humans itself, the workforce running the system aren’t good. They really need to better work on their attitude I guess. Is being a civil worker that miserable so that you need to slack off during work? I don’t think so because people keep telling me how good it is to be one and how many perks you will get if you are one.

Oh well, this whole post is just my ramblings. People can have different opinion. What’s yours?

P.S. : Government people rarely smiled when they are greeting applicants/customers (from what I experienced) but during this whole debacle with DISPENDUK and waiting too long for comfort, there was this one guy who, amidst all the chaos, sweat, and shouts from people, kept on smiling and explaining things to the customer as best he can. Thank you, sir! You just made my day (and waiting experience) just a bit better with that alone!


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