Korea – of Strolling Down the Memory Lane and Creating New Ones Part 2

Our display for the Seoul Food and Hotel in KINTEX

On 10 May 2016, we were all finished with displaying the dummies on our booth and were just left to open the peanut samples. After all the preparation was done, we were just waiting for the customers and visitors to come to our booth.

It was a bit quiet though as first days went. Not so many people came to our booth or even all other booths in general. Maybe a part of it was because of the location of our pavilion that was at the back of the hall.

Our Booth at KINTEX

Nothing too exciting happened on the first day of exhibition due to the low number of people coming around. And it was also raining and that was a big reason not so many people were visiting the expo halls as well. It was super cold and wet that day. Not surprising that people would rather spend their time in their warm offices or houses rather than making a trip to the expo.

Crispy Crepes - One of our products

Nevertheless, a few people did come and visit our booth that day. And it was fun meeting new people that way. I even managed to brush up my Korean language skill a bit during the expo since not so many people speak English.

Our Dinner - Rice Cake and Fish Cake

After the exhibition though, we went for a quick dinner. We ordered some 떡볶이 and 오뎅 for dinner and it was delicious. Moreover, I had been craving for some decent 떡볶이 ever since I went back from my last visit five years ago. So, this was mostly satisfying. I couldn’t get enough of them that I ordered another one the next day.

Ilsan - Lafesta Shopping Area

After the small dinner at the nearby stall, we went to Lafesta, one of the famous shopping area in Ilsan. I actually knew about this area from a Kpop song and I will talk more about it in a different post dedicated exclusively to kpop. It was just so nice to stroll down the quiet road.

Another dinner that night
The wrap

We were just walking aimlessly when we stumbled upon a row of restaurants. This one in particular had that table with stove (using charcoal) and the famous Korean Barbecue setting you usually see in K-Dramas. We were interested and ended up having another dinner. It was, enough to say, definitely a good choice to make. The meat was especially tender, tasty, and juicy. Added with the fresh lettuce and the barbecue sauce, the dinner was absolutely 대박. I had never eaten so many veggies in my life, but with the meat and the sauce, I literally devoured all the lettuce and made so many wraps for myself. The taste was just…I couldn’t describe it with words.

After we stuffed our stomachs with meat, we walked again for a bit more before finally decided to go back to the hotel and turn in for the night. The rest of the exhibition period was filled with the usual commotion from being  involved with an exhibition brought you and late night shopping spree in nearby shopping malls and area.

Next post is going to be the holiday part of my stay in Korea, then I will finally post the one about the Kpop thingies in yet another different post. Just trying to keep my writings organized. Thanks for reading, see you in my next post. 🙂


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