It’s not often that I feel content. There’s always this raging war inside that I fight day by day without a clear boundary which side I’m in. For to have a war, you need two opposite sides. But, am I fighting for one and against the other?

Do I have a side? Am I fighting for something worthy? What is the cause? What is the goal? I don’t know the answer to all those questions and thus I am lost.

I am lost and confused. Lost inside my own mind. Confused with what I should — must — do in order to get by. But maybe it is all because of the daily rowdiness that life inflicts upon myself. Ourselves. Life is so fast. Dynamic. Moving forward speedily. Those who fall behind, dies and forgotten. Others, move forward, successful, glorious, becomes the winner.

But as I looked at the sky while standing on the side of the empty and quiet road, I watched the green grass moved. Softly. Gently. Dancing smoothly together with the caress of the wind. The creaking sound of the nearby tree trunk in its effort to move with the breeze. The warm sunlight streaming down from the ever-present sun.

Basking in all the quietness I stood. Alone. With the buzzing noise of a car faraway easily forgotten. I stood alone and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and just breath. With every breath, I feel the life that the universe grant us to live. Again the soft murmur of the dancing grass, the whisper of the creaking tree, and the whistling of the passing breeze gently ensconced me in their peaceful embrace.

And with that simplest touch in a simple moment in life, I feel it. Contentment.


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