Lombok Day 1 – BEACHES!


Hi all! It’s been a long time. So, a couple of days (or weeks, I don’t really remember) ago, I went to the beautiful island of Lombok. It was a short visit, but still as satisfying as every holiday can be! This post is to cover my first day in Lombok, which contains mostly : BEACHES (hence the title). Now, on to the post!

Lombok’s beauty is getting more and more famous these days. A lot of people are going there for vacation as well. It’s another option for beach lovers aside from Bali. I have heard people talking about those beautiful white sandy beaches for quite some time, but I never got the chance to go there. Until now. It was quite a nice trip really. Even though it wasn’t truly for a vacation, because actually I was asked to sing for someone’s wedding, that’s why they flew me to Lombok.

However, getting there two days earlier than the actual event really gave me a lot of opportunities to explore the beautiful island. My first impression about the island was about the weather. It was super hot. And you don’t really see a lot of tress on the way either. So, it was very dry and kind of deserted-like place. But as the day proceeded, I realized that it was just one part that was dry. The other part was super green. First up, me and my friends tried some local food. I believe that the native Lombok will like their food, but me, not so much, sorry. Lol. I prefer Balinese Cuisine such as Ayam Betutu and Babi Guling. Moreover, we came there during the Eid Adha, so there were not so many shops and restaurants which were open that day. The city was almost deserted.


However, after we filled our bellies with food, we traveled on to the first beach which was Kuta Lombok Beach. We didn’t really go to the beach, but we did take a picture in front of the Kuta Lombok sign. It was nice. The sand was different from the usual beach.


After we took several pictures in front of the sign, we continued our journey to the beautiful Tanjung Aan and Batu Payung. First we got to Tanjung Aan which has similar sand texture to Kuta Lombok. It was quite difficult to walk on the beach since the sand seemed to completely engulf your feet once you stepped on it.


But the water! I have never seen such clear water before!!! It was literally see-through. You can see the bottom of the beach. From the beautiful beach, we then took a trip by a small boat to Batu Payung which is located on an island across from Tanjung Aan. The trip was quite short, and accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing and the blue ocean, it felt even shorter! The breeze was super cool even though it was super hot, the water was also cool and refreshing. And also, it was soooo blue!


Once we stopped near the island where Batu Payung is located, we needed to get off the boat and walked the short distance to the land. It was quite slippery because of the water and the moss covering the rocks, so we decided to leave our slippers on the boat. Such a huge mistake. Because of our wet feet, the sand stuck on our feet and the rocks were extremely pointy. It hurt like hell. We couldn’t stop yelping on our way to the rocks where we supposed to take our pictures. It was like a free reflexology.



But once we reached the rocks, the view was amazing. It was worth the painful trip..Now, we only needed to go back to the boat. Yet another painful trip.



Next, we decided to skip Desa Sade (a traditional village of Lombok) so that we can have enough time to get to other beaches. So, after Batu Payung, we went to the village where they make the traditional Lombok weave for a while and some of us tried to actually do the weaving process. Quite successful? Perhaps. Next, we resumed our trip to visit the beaches in Lombok.



Up next was the one beach that left such a huge impression to all of us. It’s called Mawun Beach. It was so quiet and peaceful (?). There weren’t a lot of people there so it felt almost like a private beach. The water was a beautiful shade of turqoise. It made us want to jump into the water and swim (even though I can’t swim).


But alas, we had to leave and continue our trip to the next beach, Selong Belanak Beach (hopefully I spelled it correctly). I didn’t really enjoy it here, because the water wasn’t that clean compared to Mawun Beach. And what’s more discomforting was that there was some bubbly yellow-ish thing in the water. Like a pollution or something. We just dipped our feet a bit in the water and then scurried away after we saw that bubbles. Yuck.




But then, after the incident with the slightly polluted water, we went to Senggigi Beach to enjoy the sunset. We timed it quite perfectly if I may say. We didn’t really need to wait for a long time to enjoy the sunset, but we could still see the stages of the sun setting quite beautifully. I managed to snap some pictures as well. I think it was a good way to end the day. Only that it wasn’t really the end of the day yet. We went back to the hotel only to go out again for dinner in a place that takes around 1 hour of journey by car from our hotel. We had dinner (Ayam Taliwang) in a place where there were so many (I mean MANY!) lizards on the roof. It was terrifying. What if they fell down on top of us while we were eating…Ugh…but aside from that, the food was quite nice.

After dinner, we expected to be dropped off at the hotel for a good night sleep…only to find out that we still have to go to a dance studio and rehearse our dance routine. It was already late at night, our energy was completely depleted because of the trip to all of those beaches during the day, but we still have to practice our dance (it was a flash mob kind of thing. It was a surprise from the bride’s sister for the wedding reception). I don’t dance, so it was a challenge for me to twist my body here and there trying to move in sync with the other members. Oh well, YOLO, so we practiced for a couple of times and then went back to our hotel. It was close to midnight when we reached the hotel. So I quickly took a shower and went to bed, for the next day, another adventure awaits. 🙂


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