Being a Human Being

Hi, this post is supposed to be posted a long time ago. I have drafted the post. I was quite satisfied with it actually, but then wordpress just decided to sort of ‘unpublished’ my post and then did not save the changes, so all my draft was gone. Poof! But, I still want to post this, that’s why I’m writing it again right now. Gogogo!

Morning from Indonesia. I’m back on this blog to talk about a disturbing story that I heard just this morning. This is totally opinionated. I just can’t help it, I need to write about this. I heard it from my Mom because the one living the story was her friend in the Capital. Here goes.

My mom’s friend is supposed to come to Surabaya as a representative from the head office in Jakarta. It was a very unfortunate morning for him. He booked the early flight and he went to the airport by taxi. On his way to the airport, his taxi crashed a passerby. I’m not sure if it’s the passerby’s fault or the taxi driver’s fault, but the fact is that there was an accident. The passerby got angry and got into a heated argument with the taxi driver. Because of that, a lot of people gathered in that area, trying to resolve the problem. That was when my mom’s friend got out of the car and tried to help solve the conflict.

His intention was a good one. Of course, he didn’t want to miss the flight to Surabaya as well, but I believe that he must really want to help. However, because the conflict was getting more and more heated by the minute, not only the two involved individuals were arguing at that time. The people around them were also getting more and more agitated. And my mom’s friend got out of the taxi at that moment. As a result, he was beaten up by the people around until he as bloody and bruised. He missed his flight and he was shaking like crazy at the airport.

This is something that I can’t understand, really. He was just trying to help. He wasn’t the one driving the taxi, he didn’t know the taxi driver personally except as a passenger, he was just there trying to help, but he got beaten up by people for doing nothing? How does that make any sense? It’s disturbing and worrisome at the same time. Why did they do that? I keep asking the same question to myself. They could just call the police. Didn’t we get the same lesson since we were kids not to put ourselves as the law? Let the law enforcement officers do their job. We are not the cops, so we really shouldn’t play cops.

I just need to post this, because I’m extremely shocked. I heard about this kind of thing happening, but never to someone that me or my family know personally. So, this incident hit quite close to home for me. I’m then wondering and worried that it may happen to me or my family. Is this what it means to be human? I’m worried. I can’t stop thinking about this. Forgive me for my ranting, but I’m really worried…


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