It was such a long time since my last post that I finally, FINALLY, frequented that Forgot My Password section again…Oh well, what’s done is done. Off to the post!

Yep. Yep. Yep! It was finally, finally, FINALLY here in Indonesia. The land of the forgotten destination for the Broadway tours all around the world. They traveled to Singapore many times, but even though it only takes around 2 hours of flight, the shows never touched our grounds. So sad, but true. But alas, after years (more like months, for me, though) of waiting, the big title of BROADWAY’S FIRST MUSICAL IN INDONESIA can be seen as the headlines of several online news. Yes. Yes! YES! You have no idea how happy and ecstatic when I read that sentence. Just a simple sentence can change one’s world (for the better, I hope).

So, a couple of days ago, me and my friend went to Jakarta to specifically watch this performance. I live in Surabaya, so it wasn’t a long flight per se. But it sure was an expensive one. I still try to get over the death of my wallet because of the ticket and the plane fare. No more though, it was worth it. And so, back to the main story of this writing, we went to Jakarta just to see Beauty and the Beast Musical performance in Ciputra Artpreneur Kuningan, Jakarta. It was, as I said, the first ever Broadway musical to be performed live here in Indonesia. For us who never watched any musical performance live (except for Youtube’s versions of it), it was totally mind-blowing.

Just from entering the venue I felt giddy. The cold air condition was totally not helping to curb my giddiness. Once we step foot on that first escalator that will bring us to the studio, I just couldn’t wait to see the performance already. But not so fast. It was quite a long journey from the LOTTE Shopping Avenue’s entrance to reach the Theater. We need to find the SATRIO Elevator that will bring us to the F11, where we will show our tickets to the one in charge, then we went up 1 escalator, where we showed our tickets (again) to be marked and got our bags checked. Then, we went up another escalator by showing (AGAIN) our tickets where they cut it into half as a mark that we had used that ticket. Only then we finally reached the ATRIUM of the theater, where we were told to wait for almost half an hour, standing.

It was quite upsetting to wait that long. It wasn’t because of the waiting actually, but because of the inconsistencies that they have. On the ticket it was printed that we have to be seated one hour before the performance started. It started at 8.00 pm. So, we got to the atrium on around 6.45 p.m or so. We didn’t want to be late, so we decided to come early. I expected around 15 minutes of waiting maximum because we will be seated at 7.00 p.m. But apparently, we had to wait until 7.30 p.m before they opened the gate. It was quite a long wait after that. And then the show itself started late as well. It should start at 8.00 p.m but it started a couple of minutes past 8.00 p.m. But of course, being inside the theater and its ambiance, the orchestra pit that I was seeing for the first time in my live, the stage well designed, and the general hum of the people excited to watch the performance, was enough to give me my giddiness back. I was practically bouncing on my chair (internally).

The stage wasn’t that big, but it was, I’m not sure how to say it, but I felt like it was quite compact. It was just enough. The sound was crazy good. The orchestra was super grand, and the actors were excellent, especially those ensembles and LeFou. It was very precise. No technical mistakes happened (as far as I’m aware, lol) only for that one tiny detail where the actress who plays Belle, cracked her voice in the middle of her song. But the way she handled it very quickly was amazing. And she didn’t crack anymore after that. The one playing Gaston was also very good, and again LeFou! That person playing LeFou was exceptional. I could just imagine the amount of rehearsals that they whole team went through to give the audience such a performance. And the mass blocking scene! Where everyone came together and sang the big number like Belle and Be Our Guest, shivers ran down my spine. It was just that good (for me who never watched a musical performance LIVE before).

Well, enough for me to say that it was an unforgettable experience. It was after all, money well spent. Of course that doesn’t stop me from hoping that the price will be a bit more affordable next time. However, cheaper price or not, I will definitely be going to another and another and another one of these performances!!!



  1. Hi! From Singapore here. Yeah, I am unaware that these shows never went to Jakarta. I saw the show when it came to Singapore in March, and yes, I agree it was phenomenal. My full review of the show is on my blog! What other shows do you like?

    1. Yeah, I know right. It’s so unfair that they come to Singapore and just missed Indonesia entirely. LOL. But I guess part of it was because we didn’t really have a proper theater for them to perform on. Now that we have one in Jakarta, I’m hoping for more and more shows to come. I like Les Mis (don’t we all?), Phantom, Wicked (classics), and nowadays I’m craving to watch The Book of Mormon so much. I imagine that it will be totally hilarious. How about you?

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