Posting Old Works – University’s Stuffs Part 14

I just can’t believe that I wrote this. I don’t even understand where did I get such connection between the two. Sigh. Oh well, but apparetly it was quite a good paper to write. So, I don’t really have anything to worry about. Hahahah… Oh, this one was for my Popular Literature class.

Final Exam – Popular Literature

Eugenia Lupita – 11410023

The Holy Trinity in Eragon



The Inheritance Cycle is a story consisting of four books in total, written by Christopher Paolini. It tells a story about a young boy who becomes a dragon rider, and it takes place in a fictional country named Alagaësia. The main character, Eragon, was a young boy from Carvahall. He lived with his uncle, Garrow, and his cousin, Roran. He was just an ordinary boy who lived in a farm with his relatives until one day, he found a weird looking rock in The Spine, a mountain range near his village. He took the rock with him only to find out that the rock was actually a dragon egg. He accidentally hatched it by touching it, and it became the first sign that he was a dragon rider. He named the dragon Saphira.

At that time, the ruler of the country, Galbatorix was trying to collect all the remaining dragon eggs. He wanted to be the only dragon rider in the empire. When he heard of Eragon and his dragon Saphira, Galbatorix set off to hunt them both, with the purpose of killing them or turning them into his side. Galbatorix sent his men called the Ra’Zacs. They went to Carvahall to hunt Eragon and Saphira, but Saphira felt that there was a danger coming and took Eragon away from his home. This event was the cause of Garrow’s death, because the Ra’Zacs could not find them and decided to burn the farm and Garrow. This became the trigger of Ergaon and Saphira’s journey. They set off from Carvahall to hunt the Ra’Zacs and to avenge Garrow’s death.


The Functions of the Three Women

There are three important women in this story. These women are from different backgrounds and status and they have different roles in shaping Eragon’s life. The first woman is Nasuada. She is the daughter of Ajihad, the leader of a rebel army called the Varden. Nasuada is a strong-willed woman. She makes a huge contribution to the cause by moving the headquarter of the Varden, from Farthen Dûr to Surda, an independent country who separate themselves from the Empire. She manages to convince King Orrin, the King of Surda, to help the Varden and the cause, even though before this, he wants to have nothing to do with the Empire. She seizes some cities from Galbatorix and later become the Queen of the Empire. Eragon pledge himself to her and in return she appoints him as her successor as the leader of the Varden if anything happens to her.

In Nasuada, Eragon finds the authority figure that he lacks in his life. He has no parents who care for him when he was still a baby, and his uncle died when he was fifteen years old. Then he travels with Brom, a storyteller in Carvahall who turns out to be his biological father. However, not long after Brom also died, leaving him alone with only Saphira and Arya as companies. When Eragon meets Nasuada and pledge himself to her, she becomes the first authority figure that is constant in his life. She gives him orders and sets some rules. She becomes his superior, and she becomes the figure who is grounding him to the earth and stopping him from doing reckless things. Because of her presence, Eragon cannot really do things without consulting to her first. This is proven to be a perfect method to keep him safe, because he tends to do reckless things if there is no supervision from an authority figure in his life.

The second woman is Katrina. She is the daughter of Sloan, a butcher in Carvahall. She is also Roran’s, Eragon’s cousin, fiancé. She is strong-willed, but at the same time calm and gentle. Eragon once heard her speaking of calling Garrow as father and he was angry with her for that, because he does not have the privilege of calling his uncle that. After Eragon leaves Carvahall, another attack comes from the Empire. The Ra’Zacs come back to the village and spread terrors. While they are trying to seize the village, Roran manages to lead the people out of the village. However, Katrina and her father, Sloan, are kidnapped by the Ra’Zacs. They are taken to a place called Helgrind and are held captive there. When Roran finally meets Eragon once again, he asks for his help in finding her. Eragon agrees to help him, and together, they begin their journey to save Katrina.

Katrina is Eragon’s savior. After Garrow’s death, Eragon travels with one purpose and one purpose only, which is to avenge his uncle’s death. This becomes his sole purpose in life. This drive to seek revenge can be seen as a form of him trying to release himself from the guilt that he felt because of Garrow’s death. Eragon also feels guilty towards Roran, his cousin, for taking his father from him. Thus, when Roran asked him for his help in finding and saving Katrina, he saw this as a one in a lifetime opportunity. This is his chance to give back one of his cousin’s important person after he takes the other. The existence of Katrina then becomes his savior. Without her, Roran will not be asking for Eragon’s help because there is simply no one to save. Without her, there will be no one left in Roran’s life and thus making Eragon unable to redeem his fault towards Roran, and so he Eragon will still feel guilty about Garrow’s death.

The third woman is Arya Dröttning. She is from a different race than the previous two women. While the other two women are from the human race, she is from the elven race. She is the daughter of the Elf queen, Islanzadi. She becomes the ambassador for the Varden. She is also the one who is responsible to travel the three dragon eggs, that are stolen from Galbatorix, back and forth between Ellesméra, the capital city of the elven kingdom, and the Varden. This journey is done in order to find new dragon riders that will help them defeat Galbatorix. She was travelling the eggs while Galbatorix man, a Shade by the name of Durza ambushed her and managed to get two out of three eggs. She managed to transport the egg before she was captured, and that egg was Saphira’s egg. After the ambush, she was held captive in Durza’s prison in Gil’ead. Eragon saves her and she becomes his friend, companion, mentor, and love interest.

Arya is many things to Eragon. She is his companion, friend, mentor, and love interest. She is also the one who is with Eragon the most. She accompanies him in some of his most dangerous journey. Arya has a role as someone who triggers the emotional growth of Eragon. She triggers the feeling of love and affection in him. He keeps on telling her that he loves her, but she always rejects him because of their huge age gap. However, she is always there for him. When he needs her, she is there. She is the constant companion for him. She offers him her help even when he does not really ask for it, and she goes to the Empire only to help him get back to the Varden’s headquarter in Surda. Therefore, she has the function as the companion.
The Holy Trinity and the Three Women

During the research, I found some similarities in these three women’s characteristics with the Holy Trinity. Each woman has a similarity with The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. These similarities can only be found in the women’s relationship with Eragon, how they play a very different role and function in Eragon’s life. These roles and functions are the ones that are similar to the characteristics from The Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is The Christian doctrine that defines God as three divine persons; the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. It is impossible for us to fully understand about the concept of this trinity, because it is a mystery that human cannot solve. However, if we break down the each of the ‘member’ of this trinity, then we will know the distinct personality and the role for each of them. By knowing these roles, we can identify the similarities that they have with the three women from Eragon.

The first similarity can be seen in the role of The Father and Nasuada. Nasuada is the authority figure in Eragon’s life. She makes the final decision in every matter reagarding the cause, and since Eragon is a very important aspect in the cause, it is her duty to make decisions regarding his whereabouts and what he is doing. An example of her authority over Eragon is when he asked for her permission to go to Ellesméra to continue his study of becoming a dragon rider. However, the Varden was about to attack a city of the Empire and they could not afford to lose their main power which are Eragon and Spahira. If Eragon and Saphira went to Ellesméra, then there was a great possibility that they would not be able to be back on time to join the attack. If they were not present during the attack, the Varden would surely lose. This complication made Nasuada forbid Eragon and Saphira from going. Another example is when she asked Eragon to go to Farthen Dûr even though Eragon declined, because the trip would require him to separate himself from Saphira. They argued and argued, until Nasuada ordered him to go.

“…As your liegelord, then, Eragon, I order you to run to Farthen Dûr , whether you want to or not…” – Brisingr pg 363.

As for The Father, He is also the ultimate authority figure. He gives commands and orders to the people, and just like Eragon, His people cannot disobey Him without a punishment from Him. One example of Him being the authority figure:

“Now go, for I am sending you to Pharaoh. You must lead my people Israel out of Egypt.“– Exodus 3:10

The second similarity can be seen from the role of The Son and Katrina. As I have mentioned before, in a way, Katrina’s existence saves Eragon. She is his savior even though she does not really do a concrete thing to save him, unlike The Son who sacrifices Himself for the sake of mankind. However, the similarity remains that both act as the savior for someone. Katrina is Eragon’s savior, while The Son is the savior for mankind. Katrina saves Eragon from his guilt, because Eragon feels guilty of his Uncle’s death and he feels especially guilty to Roran, his cousin.

Then he punched Eragon on the chin. It would have been easy for Eragon to avoid the blow, but he allowed it to land, rolling away from it a bit so Roran did not break his knuckles. It still hurt. Wincing, Eragon faced his cousin. “I guess I deserved that.” – Eldest pg. 1906.

Here we can see that Eragon is feeling guilty from his statement, “I guess I deserved that.” Therefore, when Roran asks for his help, he sees it as a chance to redeem himself. And his chance is Katrina. As for The Son, in the Holy Bible, The Son is described as the Messiah, our savior. He is the one who redeem our sins and salvage our souls. This role can be seen from:

“…and by him everyone who believes is justified from all things, from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses.” – Acts of the Apostles 13:39

The third similarity can be seen from the role of The Holy Spirit and Arya. In Eragon’s life, Arya is the constant companion. She is with him everywhere both emotionally and physically. When he gets into trouble or if he needs help, then she will be there for him. An example of this is when Eragon is trying to get back to Surda all by himself by walking through the Empire.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, barely, moving his lips. “Searching for you.” – Brisingr pg. 142

In the Holy Bible, the Holy Spirit is often pictured as our companion. When there are problems, we often seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. This is similar to the role of Arya in Eragon’s life. They are both a constant companion in life. An example of the Holy Spirit’s role can be seen from this verse from the Bible.

“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever – the Spirit of truth.”– John 14:16-17.


There are three important women who have different roles and functions in Eragon’s life. Nasuada is the leader and the authority figure in his life, while Katrina is the savior who saves him from his guilt about his uncle’s death, and Arya is the constant companion in his life who helps him and stays with him wherever he goes. There are similarities between the roles or functions of these women with the roles or functions of each of the ‘member’ of The Holy Trinity. The Father and Nasuada is both the authority figure. They give orders and commands to their people. The Son and Katrina is both the savior. The Son is saving mankind while Katrina is saving Eragon. Finally, The Holy Spirit and Arya is both the constant companion in life. The Holy Spirit is the one guiding us when we are in need of some guidance, and The Holy Spirit is described as human’s companion according to the Bible. Arya is the constant companion of Eragon. When he is in need of some help, or when he is in trouble, then Arya will help him and accompany him. These are the similarities between The Holy Spirit and the three women in Eragon.




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