Posting Old Works – University’s Stuffs Part 5

This post will be about my journals for my Writing class back in semester 3. It’s a collection of 8 journals that I wrote for the class. Most of them  (alright, all of them) talked about my personal experience. Sometimes, they could be extremely simple, like losing my blackberry one. But I liked them because I didn’t know what came into me at that time, but I gave them such nice titles. Hahaha…

A Hectic Week

Everyone must have experience some times when their schedules are absolutely unpredictable and tight. At times like those, the possible move to be made is just to let it flow and do it. I have also been having a whole week full with hectic schedules, meetings, and events. Recently, I was having a week full with events. I had at least three major events going on in the same week. I needed to direct a play for Pekan Peduli AIDS, I needed to be present at every practice there is for the Feast of Friendship concert 4, and I have my aunt’s wedding to be prepared for. In fact, the rehearsals for Feast of Friendship 4 and the performance time for PPA were at the same time. Furthermore, my aunt’s wedding and the actual event of FoF 4 were on the same day. My schedules were a tight fit. I must rehearse the songs and choreography for FoF 4, but I also must practice singing the songs my aunt asked me to, and still I must also direct and taking care of the PPA performance. Especially on the Friday and Saturday, it was really chaotic. I had to go out from the middle of my choir rehearsal for FoF 4, because the performance for the PPA was starting and as a director, I was needed to be there to ensure that the lighting and audio would come out perfectly as planned. So, I ran from the fourth floor of EH building to the auditorium, helping the committee in lighting and audio so that It could be precise, and then ran back again to EH 406 to go back to my choir rehearsal.

On the Saturday, I had to get up really early to get my make-up done for my aunt’s wedding. Then, I sang in her wedding and after it was finished, I must go straight back to the hotel to change my clothes, prepare my properties and costumes for FoF 4 concert, then went to campus again to join the concert preparation. I didn’t even get to eat dinner or get a drink. Then, it was all the hectic things happening in the concert, all the running to change costumes, taking the necessary properties, going back to the auditorium for the next song, and memorizing the choreography. So, as a result, I didn’t even get to come home from morning until at least 10 p.m. At the end of the day, I still need to erase all of my make-up, showering, and washing my hair, and then I went to bed. After all of those things, it was not a surprise if I was knackered.



Since the start of my first year of college, I have been living in a boarding house, because even if my house is still in Surabaya, but I don’t have any vehicle to travel from home to campus and vice versa. At first, I was really reluctant to live in a boarding house since I had never been apart from my parents before. However, because I really must do it, I cannot help but notice that there are several differences between living in my own house and living in a boarding house.

The biggest different is the number of people and the noise it causes. In my house there are at least seven people living together in the same small house. The noise is unbearable and the activity goes on and on and on since when one person leaves, the other comes home. So, when I finally lived a life of a boarding house, I couldn’t help but feel lonely. I was alone in my room, without the presence of other people just like in my house. The noise was almost none. I felt terrified and alone. I got a really bad homesick case from time to time. Now, after living with that kind of living arrangement, I get pretty used to it, however, I still think that living in my own house is way better than living in a boarding house.


– Fragments of Mind –

I really like writing, even when I did not really know how to. I have written lots and lots of stories about far-off places, princes and princesses, dragons and knights, cold-blooded murderer, high school students, romance, even some that contains motivation. Almost all of my stories used to be happy ending and the characters lived happily ever after. However, I realized that as time goes by, my writing style has changed a lot.

I used to write long stories, almost like a novella, but nowadays, I prefer short stories. I used to think about the story first, and then the title, but now, all I have in mind is the title with no story to write. I cannot think too methodically while writing that is why I adore free-writing. I can write a whole short story in a couple of hours. I can write and write without stopping at all, except for re-checking the information. I have never used outline to write anything before college. I simply just write anything that comes to mind, and that is a lot of things when I am really in the mood of writing. I always tend to give a piece of my thoughts inside my writings nowadays. I make the story mine by doing so. I just jut down everything that comes to mind and this why my I can write pretty fast. I do not think of myself as a good writer, but I do like to write. It is just that every time I finish writing a story, if I read it all again, I will find it to be extremely boring and uninteresting.

However, while I tend to get disappointed from my writings, I realize that I need to appreciate my writings first before my reader, whoever that is, appreciates my works. I try to be more open with my story and show them to people, asking for feedbacks. It works, and I write even more stories. Many of my friends tell me that I am a good writer, I feel elated. I like writing so those comments really put my heart at ease. Because of that I am determined to keep myself writing as many stories as possible.

As for my writing style, I like it to be a bit vague in the end. I tend to make some characters suffer through a lot of pain or die in the end, but there are also some characters that live happily with the memory of their dead beloved. Almost all of my stories are like that nowadays. I try to love my stories but keep it original and nice to read. In the end, it is all because I really like writing.


In The Movie

I believe that watching movie is nothing new nowadays. It is like a very normal thing to do and everyone goes to the cinema to relax after a hectic week. For a person living in this era, I cannot help but notice that there are several types of people inside the cinema. However the most annoying one is the one that keep giving comments even though they really do not understand the movie. Like when they are trying to question everything that happens in the movie. For example, oh, I know that this is the bad guy and that is the good guy. Then another one is like stating the obvious thing happens in the movie. Like saying oh he’s killing that guy, when the screen totally shows it blatantly. It doesn’t even have to be in a cinema. Even in my own house, my grandmother does that all the time. Every time we watch a movie together, she always states the obvious and makes muttered comments. That makes me feel very annoyed and cannot enjoy the movie at all, because she expects me to respond to her comments. Sometimes I just hum or smile or give her a dry laugh just to show that I am listening to her. However, there are certainly people like that and I really don’t like it.


Not the Same

I am sure that almost every people in this world experienced the gap and differences between high school and college. There are many differences but the one that I really feel is the disparity between the fixed schedule of schooling and the free one. I personally think that the fixed one is better, because I can just do it. When I first entered Petra Christian University, this matter was not that apparent yet, because the schedule was still determined by the faculty. However, this all changed when I entered my second semester. It was all on me; it was up to me how to manage my schedule. Moreover, I need to arrange it nicely so that no subject would clash with the other. Meanwhile, when I was still in high school, I could just accept the schedule from my homeroom teacher and prepared the books needed for that subject. There was no need for me to double check whether my Mathematic subject clashed with my science subject and vice versa. Furthermore, I did not really have to sacrifice a subject in order to be in the other.

That actually happened once during the beginning of my third semester. I needed to choose between taking the Theatrical Design class or MKDU. I needed the credits from MKDU, but I also want to take Theatrical Design class. Almost all of my friends took MKDU as their choice, but I really wanted to take Theatrical Design class. I really hate making choices, and that was why I really like the high school’s system more than the college’s. However, as the year goes by, I understand that there are also certain aspects in college that are better than high schools’.



That choir competition in 2009 was the first chance for me to finally go abroad. Even if it was for a competition, but still it was held outside Indonesia. It was in Penang, Malaysia, to be exact. I got really excited, because I was going to go abroad and for a pretty long time too.

Although the rehearsals were extremely tough, I thought that it was worth it. Even with the tension from the nearing competition, I still felt elated. At last, the day of departure had arrived. I had my passport done days before. I had packed my luggage, brought my musical scores, and I was ready to go. Throughout the journey, I slept almost all the time, because it was a night flight from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur. All of us arrived in KL very late, yet we still needed to go by bus from KL to Penang. After a long and tiring journey, we finally arrived in Penang at dawn.

We kept practicing and rehearsing every time. No time to slack off or the coach would have our head. I felt a bit disappointed since I did not have too much time to really enjoy my stay there, because of those rehearsals. We kept rehearsing from morning to evening. We did not have time to do anything except for sleeping, eating, and taking a bath. However, after the competition, our coach was getting easier on us. We did a little sight-seeing around Penang; we even took some pictures, before we were heading back to the hotel for another session of rehearsal. We needed the extra rehearsal, because we were going to perform two songs for the Friendship Concert. After that concert, we took many pictures with other competitors from all around the world. We changed souvenirs and e-mail address so that we could find each other via Facebook. After that concert we still have one day left and we roamed over Penang within the span of that day, before we needed to be in the airport. We took some more pictures, bought souvenirs, and ate in the small restaurant in Penang. We had a bit of misfortune because the plane was delayed for an hour, but for me, that was a very good experience. What a Penang fantasy indeed…


The Collector

I like reading books. It is like a very addictive thing to do in my spare time, but I really love collecting them. It is well-known to all of my friends that I enjoy reading very much, but nowadays, I seem to enjoy collecting books just a tad more than actually reading it.

When I first start to buy books it was because my mom forced me to. I still remember Harry Potter to be my very first novel. After Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, then come other bunches of novels. I just can’t stop buying them. If the novel is a trilogy, cycle, or chronicles, then I get more and more vicious in determination to buy all the series. For example, have you heard about the novel entitled How to Train Your Dragon? The novel is a series of seven books. Even if the story in book number one does not really synchronized with the other books, but the day I found this novel, I asked her to buy it for me. Thank God for my mom, she is extremely supportive with my habit to read things. She just said yes and then bought me the whole series, all seven books of it. I just can say thank you. This happens several times. In fact, without asking her to buy me books, every time she goes shopping or simply wandering in the mall, she will call me and ask whether I have already had this or that book.

That is why I just can’t stop collecting books. Nothing can keep me from my books. If there are new arrivals and I do not have them, I feel a very string urge to buy them immediately. I will even buy them myself if my mom does not want to buy them for me. Fortunately, that does not happen often. I think of this obsession as a positive one. It means that I really like to read and that way I can get new knowledge from many different sources. I can also add up my vocabularies with the more advanced ones from the novels. I get pretty much everything from novels. All of the difficult words and idioms, they are all from books, movies, and songs.

Sadly, I start to think that this obsession is getting out of hand. I keep buying new books even if I still have piles of books untouched. Now, this is becoming a problem for my dad. He does not really like seeing me reading novels all the time and he despise it even more to see me buying books only for collections. I’ve tried to give him my reason that someday I will definitely finish all of those books, but he’s still being quite skeptical with my habit. Most of the time, I just give him a smile or laugh when he asked me about the piling books, but I still can’t stop my habit to collect books. Maybe I need to really control it someday, but not now….Hahahaha…. ^^



As many of my friends have known, I have never been apart from my blackberry since I got it in my second semester. I have never been apart from it for more or less a year. However, it’s all different now. There’s nothing that can be done, except regretting it. I lost my blackberry on November 27th, 2011. I am perfectly sure that I will survive without it, because I can survive without having it for over than 17 years of my life, but I do miss my blackberry so much. I used to tweet a lot of things, when I had my blackberry with me, but now I can’t. That was one of the things that I miss the most about my blackberry, because tweeting meant writing my feelings. I prefer to tweet it because usually my feelings come as a single sentence or even words, so if I must write a blog about it, it was just too much. Since I have my blackberry, I can always tweet what I felt right away and then be more relaxed afterwards. However, now every time I have a thought or feeling that needs to be written, I just can’t. This thing frustrates me the most. I really need to write out my pent up emotions, but I have no media to do so. This is the biggest difference of having a blackberry and not. I am perfectly sure that this experience is enough for a whole lifetime, because there really is no way I can live without expressing my feelings using twitter in my blackberry.


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