Posting Old Works – University’s Stuffs Part 1

So, this is one of my earlier work in Uni. This one is, strangely, for my Grammar course. But it’s a summary of a movie called Babel. You must all know that movie, right? Or if you don’t, oh well, you can just check the movie later. Now, forgive the embarassingly poor grammar that I used to have. I made this in my 2nd semester in Uni. Of course, I’ve improved since then (even though not by much). On to the summary!!!

It was all because of one single weapon that took too many lives, a simple gift that became a source of a disaster throughout the whole wide world. One man from Japan who just wanted to hunt in Morocco gave his gun to his guide. Then, because his guide was in need of money, he sold it to other person. When he sold the gun, the recipient was only intended to use it to kill wolves who threatened his sheep. But, his children used the gun carelessly as they wanted to prove the word from the seller that it was an awesome gun. Unfortunately, they went too far.

They targeted a tourist’s bus and accidentally shooting an American tourist, Susan, played by Kate Blanchett. The tourist’s bus needed to stop and took Susan to the hospital but the nearest hospital was still too far from where they were. So, they brought her to one of the village in Morocco. Susan and his husband needed to fight the language barrier along with the injury in her shoulder. Meanwhile, the accident which happened to Susan caused her nanny for her kids could not go to her son’s wedding. Susan’s husband did not give the nanny an option because none other than her could take care of their kids.

Because of the strong needs to see her son’s wedding, the nanny decided to bring the children to Mexico. She brought them to her son’s wedding. That was when the thing gone worse than before. It was really late when the party finally finished, but the nanny insisted to bring the children home immediately, so they went back with her nephew. Her nephew had had a criminal record for DUI (Driving Under Influence) before, so they needed to be extra careful. In the inspection point, they got stuck because the nanny did not have the parents’ permission to bring the kids. The matter got worse and worse when her nephew decided to run away from the police officer and left the three of them in the middle of nowhere.

She tried to look for help and finally after what seemed like days, she found help in the form of a police officer who immediately helped her to look for the kids and saved them. After the kids were safe, the officer decided to deport her back to her country because apparently, she was an illegal immigrant. She decided to just follow the officer’s choice because really, she had no choice at all. Right after her story was finished, the center turned once again to the chase of the kids who accidentally shot Susan. They ran away with their father, but they were caught in an open fire with the police officers. The eldest child died in the open fire, and that made his brother, the one who really shot Susan, surrendered himself. Meanwhile, Susan had finally saved by a helicopter sent from the embassy of America in Morocco.


Eugenia Lupita

11410023 (this is (was) my student number :))


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