Waking, blinking, crying, smiling

Wailing, mumbling, babbling, uttering

Seeing, listening, watching, speaking

A burst of light, color, joy, happiness

Burgeoning curiosities, flaming passions

A surge of life, understanding, knowledge

Dreaming, imagining, running, free

Life. First stage. Children.


Beginning, ending, friendships, relationships

Planning destinations, thinking future

Freedom lost, passions ridiculed, desires overruled

Loss of hopes, dreams, desires, passions

Plunge to the abyss.

Diminishing flame.


Life. Second stage. Us.


A spark.

A glint of light.

A light shining, brightening, burning.

A spark.

Rediscovering, rekindling, remaking

Rebuilding friendships, relationships

A spark.

Redefining, imaginations, dreams, passions

Reigniting, reuniting


Life. Third stage. Us?


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