Singapore, Here I come! – Day 1

First of all, this is not a proper title since the time frame doesn’t really match with the actual event. It happened in the past, so…but enough of the unnecessary ramblings. As the title might suggest, I went to Singapore on July 24th-26th this year (2013). It was not purely for recreational purposes, but still it was for recreational purposes all the same. Okay, I’m getting confusing, I know. This is the effect of trying to write a blog that I have long abandoned in 6 in the morning. Not my best time, but yea…onto the story. I went there with fellow batch-mates from our lovely department, English Department for a Learning Journey program. It wasn’t a long journey per se, only 3D 2N, but it was still memorable.

We went from early in the morning, and without stopping we continued to our first destination in Singapore. It was extremely tiring but fun at the same time. We got to know the SEAMEO RELC, and the we got to have our own little adventure in Singapore in the Learning Adventure. Here, we were separated into smaller groups (there were 15 of us students + 1 lecturer). With only a transportation card and a map, we must get to our destination for the learning adventure. Then, we were to stay there and observe. Me and my friend, got lost while trying to reach our destination. It was all because if a construction site that was not on the map, so we got really confused. But finally, we managed to get there and do what we have to do.

After the learning journey, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and continue with our next agenda. SHOPPING (and sight-seeing, ofc). Since our hotel was near Bugis Street, we went there for dinner and a bit of shopping. Alas, our sore legs couldn’t take it anymore (we spent the entire day walking here and there, and here and there), so we decided to go back to the hotel and stop our free time activities for the night.

For pictures from day 1, you can go to my facebook, or simply click here.


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