Petra Parade 2013 Opening Euphoria

As the title implied, I will be talking about the euphoria happening in Petra Christian University in the celebration of Petra Parade 2013. So, it’s been a very long time since my last post. But this event gave me a reason to write something. I just have to write something about this particular event, because this event gave me a moment of reprieve from my extremely busy schedule.

First, it was the actual opening itself that was so grand and amazing that gives me the euphoric feeling tonight. Unfortunately, I was a bit late in joining the mass of people to see the opening. But I guess they started it with performances from Petra Choir and then they continued it with the carnival of Students’ Activities such as Dance, Basketball, etc. Then they started the speeches from those important people (the president of our beloved University, the head of the committee, etc). Then, our Bapak Rektor finally officially opened Petra Parade 2013. And the celebration was soooo amazing, with all the majestic (what can I say? I was rather speechless) songs being played, and the fireworks show that took almost everyone’s attention. It was…amazing. Can’t find another words for it.

Then the second euphoria happened when I get back from the opening ceremony to my own building (B Building, PCU). I went back to the theater room (Petra Little Theatre or PLT) and found another kind of celebration going on. It was a bunch of people (okay, my friends) taking refuge in the band room and playing all the musical instruments there. Singing random and weird songs, with a jolly atmosphere in the air. Hahahaha…. Should’ve recorded the whole thing and post it here. LOL. So, those were the euphoria happening in Petra Christian University for tonight in light with the opening ceremony of Petra Parade 2013.


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