Busy Being Busy

So, I have been extremely busy since before the semester starts. After it starts, it’s like all hell break loose. So many schedules and things that need to be done, it seems like 24 hours is just not enough. However, this morning when I walked to campus, I had a thought in my head about a positive point of being this busy. And I decided then to wrote it down. So, one of the positive thing that I get from being extremely busy is related to time management. I think, being this busy makes me respect time more and more. I spend every time that I have to think about the things need to be done as effectively as possible. So, the moments of simply watching dramas and k-pop things aren’t that often anymore. Instead, I used it for a more ‘serious’ type of things, like doing my homework, assignments, jobs, etc. And that is one of the positive thing that I get from being busy.

BUT! as always, positive aspects always have its negative counterpart. The negative point of being this busy is also related to time. Because I used almost all of my time catching up to deadlines and other ‘serious’ things, now that I finally have a moment of silence and rest, a bigbigbigbig (to sum it up : HUGE) depression land itself upon my poor self. I get moody and depressed right after I get back to my boarding house which kind of make it worse, because I’m alone here with no one to talk to. And then I start thinking why was I born? Is this really the right path for me? Can I really do this? I don’t think I can do this. I’m not good enough, and all sorts of depressing thoughts just take over my mind. I even almost write ‘I thinks’. Whut?! *sigh*

Oh well, but no matter how I whine and write about these things, the fact remains that I still have lots and lots of jobs to do this semester. I just hope that I can get through this semester with all of me still intact.




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