Dreams of the Past

It’s funny how people always dream about things that they don’t really have. When people have everything they ever wanted, they always want more and end up losing things they love most. A lot of people also take things for granted. A big mistake, I think. However, people cannot avoid making those same mistakes throughout the history. Not them. Not me.

Now I’m back in my own city. I started to dream about my life back in Busan. The four months I spent there is nothing more than a hazy memories and a pile of photographs. Those memories lurk in the back of my mind, catching me off guard when I am in my weakest moment. They make me dream and think and wish for what’s no longer real. As I see through my files, a pang of regret appears in my heart. Why didn’t I go to more places? Why didn’t I go outside more? Why didn’t I make more friends? Why didn’t I buy more things to use as a memento of my life there? But even though I keep asking those things, I know. I always know. There is no turning back. We cannot turn back time. We can only live here and now. In the present. In this time. I cannot change what’s passed. I cannot do anything, except maybe letting these regrets eating me inside.


SO! How was it?! Pretty depressing I know. Hahaha… Actually I have no intention of making it that depressing. It’s just that I had a dream last night of my last day in Busan and then it inspired me to write this. But, I don’t want this to be just another diary-like post, so I over-dramatized it a bit. I have no idea that this post will be extremely depressing. Well, at least for me it is. But no, I am not an easily-depressed person. So, the whole thing  is just me being a drama queen. I have my moments. Enjoy! ^^


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