Back Again

Hi. It’s been so long since I last open this blog. Hahahaha…so a brief summary of what I did since I left this world of blogging : I’M BACK TO INDONESIA!!!! I am now currently in my own country again. It’s been over a week since I arrived here from Korea. Now, it’s been a great adventure starting from four months ago. From the start when I applied for the program, then the process of writing the required essay and filling out the forms, then making the visa, etc, etc. Those were the hectic times, but after I arrived there, it was all FUN FUN FUN!!! XD Even though I knew that I was there to study, but (as I said before) it felt as if I was on a vacation.

However, now the dream-like vacation is no more. I’m back to reality. Yep, that’s how I felt about coming back. Of course I missed home, my family, and the food, but I can’t help feeling that I am now waking up from a very nice dream. This is reality… I’m going back to my own university and my usual routines. For example, choir. Maybe it’s because I didn’t sing in a choir during my stay there, but once I came back here, it’s like choir rehearsals every day. Hahahahaha… It doesn’t mean that I mind it at the very least. I like singing. Okay, I don’t even know what I want to talk about anymore… I can’t concentrate with all these noises. It’s soooo damn noisy here. I missed the silence there. But when I was there, I missed the noise here. Well, that’s human, I guess. Always wanting things that they don’t have. Right. Enough ramblings…This doesn’t even make sense anymore. Bye.


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