The International Students
DSU’s International Students

As you may know, this is my last day in Korea. I’m going back to Indonesia tomorrow. Many things happened within these four months. Several days ago, a lot of my friends that I met here went back home. I wasn’t really thinking about it until this one guy, Mike, from Cambodia, came to my room to give my friend’s cell phone back since he would fly back to Cambodia on the next day. Then, my roommate, Jona (the Philippine girl) came out of the bathroom wearing her pink bathrobe and said goodbye to him too. Then, it suddenly dawned to me that yeah, maybe we would never meet again. Maybe that was my last chance of seeing him and my roommate again. That was the one moment that struck me and made me think that this really is goodbye. Not just see you tomorrow or see you later, but really goodbye.

I know that every meeting comes with separation, but I guess I have never really experience that before. Sure I lost loved ones, but I’m not that close to them to really feel this feeling of not seeing each other again. And yes I have been on my high school gradation, but even that was not as real as this. Sure we went our separate ways after graduating but a lot of us stays in the same city and country. But here, I met friends from many different countries. Some are from Indonesia, others are from Malaysia, Philippine, Cambodia, Thailand, Egypt, Mongolia, German, Poland, China, Taiwan, Russia, Ethiopia, India, Yemen, and of course Korea. Now that we are going back to our countries, we may never see each other again, but the memories will still be there.

I’m not good at expressing my feelings with spoken words. I don’t cry over this separation (I hope). I don’t even think about it, but I hope that I will always remember these four months with them here. I may not be the friendliest girl to hang out with (I know that. XD) I may also not be the friend that is always know what to say in the right moment, but I hope that this friendship will last a lifetime, even though we may not see each other again in the near (or far) future. Maybe someday we can meet again? Under different circumstances and condition. Who knows???


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