How We End Up in Gwangalli…


– Busan, South Korea –

This day started out as usual with no hint of anything special happening. I went out to eat lunch (since I woke up late) and accompany my roommate to shop for some souvenirs. All was just as usual. Then it was time for dinner. Me and my friend, Cindy, decided to eat dinner together while walking around the area, since this is my last week here. We decided to take some pictures as a memento when I go back to Indonesia. So, we went around the area and then went down to Naengjong to find an open restaurant. It was a difficult task, mind you, to find an open restaurant on Sunday here. Seems like no one eats on Sunday, so that almost every restaurants were closed. After some walking, my other friend, Marina, called and said that she wanted to join us. Since she cannot eat seafood, our hunt for food was beginning to be more difficult.

However, when we were walking and browsing some restaurants while waiting for Marina, we met Cindy’s professor in one of the restaurant. Since we were outside and he was inside with his boss (or friend, I’m not sure), when he waved his hand to us, Cindy just waved back and signing that she wanted to find something to eat with her hands. So, off we go with yet another effort to find a suitable restaurant for eating our dinner. After making a left turn and walked until the end of the alley without finding anything interesting, we decided to come back. That was the time when our little journey changed into a big journey.

Apparently, Cindy’s professor (and his boss / friend) had already finished eating and was smoking outside the restaurant. When they saw us, he immediately waved at us and told us to come there. Reaching their sitting place, a conversation immediately started. At first, they were  just innocent questions like where were we going to eat and so on. Then Cindy said,”We’re still waiting for my other Indonesian friend. Do you have any recommendation?” Then it was like, SNAP! The professor’s boss/friend was suddenly shoving a 50.000 won to us. He gave the money to Cindy who was shocked and was trying to decline the money, but her professor merely stated to take it and treat us something good in Gwangalli. So, she took the money and then we scampered away. We told Marina to come soon and then we decided to go to Gwangalli right after that. And that was how we end up eating dinner in Gwangalli instead of Naengjong like our previous plan.

In Gwangalli, we ate in Tremare, an Italian restaurant. We used the gift money from Cindy’s professor’s boss/friend. It was so nice. From the place that we ate, we could see the famous Gwangan bridge. It was beautiful. Moreover, there was an orchestra performance there on the beach. So, we ate with the sound of the crashing waves and the melodies from the orchestra filling our ears. The food was also a great compliment for our palate (especially since it was free. XD) Then, after eating, we decided to go to the beach and ended up watching the small concert. It was nice…

After the concert was over, we then started to indulge in our narcissistic behavior by taking pictures of ourselves in many stupid embarrassing poses. For example, the pose where we made it look  as if we ate the bridge and so on. However, being on a beach at night wearing only thin clothes mean that we were starting to feel cold. So, we went away from the beach and entered a cafe. But, the weird thing was that even if we were cold, we ordered ice cream. Gelato to be exact. Not something warm, but ice cream. It was a weird and funny choice. After eating our Gelato, we headed back home, because we need to catch the subway or we wouldn’t be able to go home. So, that was the story about how me and my friends end up being in Gwangalli for the first time. It was unexpected, but still, it was pretty memorable.

As for the pictures…I wanted to upload it here, but since there were so many of them, I decided to just put a link. So, you can find the pictures here. I also have some videos from the orchestra performance. There were three songs that I recorded. First is ARIRANG, you can find it here. The second one is THE FLIGHT OF BUMBLE BEE MEDLEY, you can find it here. And the last one, (they performed it as an encore) is PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, you can find it here.


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