College Writing – Descriptive Paragraphs

These are one of the most enjoyable paragraph that I have ever made in DSU. I like writing descriptive paragraph, especially when the professor told me to describe a person. I can make this in to an exercise for when I write another story. Hahaha… I hope this is okay though. I was required to make two different paragraphs describing two different people. I used my friends as the subjects. Enjoy!

1. She was standing alone at the back of the train. She was leaning to the wall; her posture straight. She had medium length straight black hair. She had short bangs that sometimes fell over her eyes. Her eyes were black and her skin was tanned. She was wearing a bright-colored shirt with two butterfly pins on her chest; one was bright pink and the other was purple. She was donning a brown shorts and a pair of black slippers. Slung on her right arm was a light brown leather bag with a black stripe right in the middle. She was listening to music using her white earphone connected to an iPod. Her face was half covered by her hair as she was looking down at the black phone on her hand. Once in a while, her fingers ran across the phone’s surface. Except for the movements of her hand, she was rooted to the ground. Her eyes never left the phone except for the times when her friends called her. Even at those rare times when her friend called, she did not move an inch.


2. She was sitting with her back to the restaurant’s wall. Her back was hunched slightly and for several times, she was twisting her body trying hard to see the menu that was behind her back. After a few minutes of hesitation, she finally chose one dish. She had short black hair and bangs, resulting on a sporty looks that matched her perfectly. She tucked some stray hair behind her ears making it easier for her to eat. She was wearing a glasses with a black frame. Her skin was white and almost pale. She was wearing a long sleeves grey plaid shirt with dark blue jeans. Beside her chair, her big black backpack sat untouched. She was eating her food slowly; choosing to eat the shellfish first. Not once did she touch the side dishes prepared by the restaurants. She was eating in silence safe from a couple of serious conversations between her and her eating companion. Once in a while, she would stop her eating and grabbed a tissue to clean her runny nose. After a while, she stopped eating completely and reached for her wallet to pay.


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