College Writing – Paragraphs

Soooo, these are my work for one of the homework in my College Writing and Research class. We need to make a paragraph based on the topic given by the Professor. We can choose the topic, but we must choose two topics and make two paragraphs. So, these are mine. Enjoy!


1.Environment has always been a great concern in the modern society. These days, a lot of people make more pollution than people thousand of years ago did. Hence the ever-increasing pollution. People should see that it is important to maintain clean environment because of these three resons. First, clean surroundings can help create a better image for the area. For example, when people travel to that area, their impression of the area will be more positive if they see unpolluted area rather than heavily polluted one. Second, it can improve people’s work ethics, as people tend to think more clearly with clean environment around them rather than cluttered one. Moreover, it can ensure a sustainable environment in the future. For instance, by avoiding to throw garbage into the sea, people can perserve the ocean and all of its habitant for far longer than if they dispose their waste into the sea. In conclusion, it is very crucial to keep the environment clean and pollutant-free not just for a short-term benefit, but also a long-term one.

2.In this global era, many countries try to make English their official language. Of course, it has a lot of advantages seeing as English is the international language. However, there are several reasons why countries should think twice before making this decision. First of all, using English as official language can threaten the existence of the country’s identity. Second, one of the country’s cultures is reflected in its language. Therefore, if English is made as official language, there is a possibility that someday in the future, the people will forget about the culture. Furthermore, trying to change an official language is not an easy thing to do. It needs time, resources, and money. For example, a developing country such as Indonesia is better to spend the resources and funds to tend to the poor, or developing better infrastructures. That is why, despite all of the advantages that a country can get from making English an official language, there are also disadvantages that need to be considered carefully before making the decision.


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