Freshman Writing – Reunification?

Now this paragraph is for my Writing for International Relations class. It is about the possibility of reunification between North and South Korea. As I’ve said before, I suck at politics, so yeah…you get the idea about how this paragraph’s going to turn out. So this is it:


I think North and South Korea should not reunite because of these three reasons. First is the big difference in political views of the two countries. North Korea is a communist country while South Korea is not. With both having strong political beliefs, it will be hard to reach reunification. It is a more possible scenario for both of them to want their political views to be the number one view to be used in the country. Second, it will be unfair for South Korea if reunification does happen, because the economy levels of the two countries are not in balance. If they reunite, North Korean poor economy will also drag down South Korean economy. Finally, it will be a waste of time to reach this reunification seeing as the two Koreas have been separated for over 60 years. Throughout these years, there are already so many things happening that changed each of the countries’ representative culture and their way of living. Instead of using those times to try overcoming the differences between the two countries, they can use it to improve each country in every aspect. In conclusion, because of these reasons, I think North Korea and South Korea should remain as separate countries.


P.S.: I asked several people for opinions regarding the reasons why I don’t agree with reunification. All the reasons are all from someone else since I know nothing about this. Personally, I don’t really have any opinion about this… *sigh* Lame. I know.


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