On the Beach

This story may not be new anymore since it’s long overdue, but I have just decided to write about it today. As you may see from my (very) old post, I am now in South Korea. Being in my dream country, even if it’s actually for a student exchange program, always seem like a vacation. Well, it’s still seem a bit weird for me. Even now, nearing the time for me to go back home, I still feel like living a dream. So, enough for the boring story of my problematic and confusing feelings about being here. Let’s just cut to the chase. This one is about my trip to Haeundae beach in Busan.


Haeundae-gu is a gu* in eastern Busan, South Korea. It has an area of 51.44 km², and a population of about 423,000. This represents about 11.6% of the population in Busan.It became a division of Busan in 1976 and attained the status of gu in 1980. Haeundae-gu can be reached easily on the subway, Busan Subway Line 2, or by train on the Donghae Nambu railway line from outside of Busan.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haeundae-gu)

I first went to Haeundae in winter. It was not that cold anymore since it was late winter, but it was still freezing for tropical people like me. It was like any other beach, actually. However, it is very clean. We could not swim there as the water was still freezing. Another famous site in Haeundae, except for the beach, is the APEC House. It’s near the beach. You can reach it on foot, but it is quite tiring for those who aren’t used to walking long distance. And there is also a statue of the mermaid princess on the way to the APEC House.

Oh! And there is this little park along the beach. It’s beautiful. The atmosphere is very nice. When I came there on winter, it was a bit warm there. With all the sunlight shining between the softly rustling leaves… What an atmosphere. I felt like I could stay there all day!!!  So, without further ado, you can just click the link here for my first trip to Haeundae, or here.

My first trip, as I said before, was in winter, but my second trip was in summer, so there were many people lying on the beach. It was also nearing the Sand Festival that took place on June 1st-4th. Unfortunately, I missed the actual sand festival, BUT! I still get to see their preparations for the festival on my second visit to the beach. I also went to the APEC House on my second time there. It was nice and memorable.

*gu is one of the subdivisions in South Korea.


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