Out of Nowhere

“I do not like teaching”

That sentence is always in my mind. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, when people ask me if I want to be a teacher, I will say those magical sentence right away. Now, living in a strange new country, I feel like a walking irony. I came here with the thought of studying. Just like what I did back in Indonesia, but in different place. However, I was in for a big surprise.

During my second week staying here, I’ve met several Indonesian friends who also study here at Dongseo University, Busan. Many Indonesian here are from Surabaya, fortunately. So, I can talk about Surabaya with them. I don’t feel as homesick as I thought I will be. All because there are people here who are from the same city and area with me. It brings the nostalgic feel. However, then I met one of PCU’s alumni and he asked all of the Indonesian students here in DSU for a favor. He asked us to teach.

At first, I was a bit shocked, because he wanted us to teach DSU students while almost all of the students are older than me. It’s helpful that we were teaching Indonesian language, but once again things went out of control. We were asked to teach English conversation along the way. I mean, English conversation? I was still studying English, too. I was barely speaking English without grammatical mistakes here and there. I felt not confident enough, but I have said yes before, so I must went go through all the process.

It turns out that all of these students are going to Indonesia for a volunteer program together with PCU. They are going to Kediri. Moreover, it also turns out to be such fun to teach them, mainly because my group’s members are all very eager to learn. They are very attentive in class and the classes are never boring. Some other Indonesian people have problems with their group, but mine is like a very eager group. Very positive and trying their best to understand both English and Indonesian. From this experience, I can learn that teaching can be fun. So, do I still hate teaching? Well, I don’t think so…but do I want to be a teacher? Well…that’s a question for another time. ^^



2 thoughts on “Out of Nowhere

  1. Hahaha, sound like they are very different from us, don’t you think? Somehow, when I read this post, I feel old. I mean, how can they be more energetic than the younger ones?
    Maybe we have to learn appreciating little things like effort to study harder, enthusiastically, just like children who are eager and all-hyped when they are learning new things…

    – Cece penjaga ASC

  2. Hahahaha..yea. They are so energetic! They still like to play a lot. Back home, I don’t think university students play games anymore. Aside from computer games that is. And I realize that I made a mistake there. Hahaha… see? I’m still learning myself!!!

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