Live from Busan

Live from Busan

안녕하세요! This is Lupita ^^.  As you may know, I went to Busan on March 2nd, 2012 for an exchange student program in Dongseo University. However, actually being abroad alone for the very first time in my life is something that is terrifying for me. I have never dreamed of doing anything as spontaneous as this. It’s all just an impossible dream. However, after I suceed to get myself in the strange and new land called Busan, I realize that my dream is not so impossible afterall.

It’s been days since I first came here, and I have more or less adjust myself to the way of living around here. However, I remembered the first few days when I got here. I was so shocked, especially with the weather. It was much colder than I imagined. I have searched for Busan’s temperature online before I went here, just for the precaution. Nevertheless, nothing that I‘ve searched online could prepare me for the real thing. I already wore my cardigan and jacket but it was still freezing. However, after a few days staying here, I’m pretty used to it, or so I thought. During my first week here, the temperature was around 4-10 degrees, but on my second week here, the temperature dropped to -3 degrees. I thought that I could get used to the cold, but it’s obviouslly impossible. I keep shivering all the time.

Aside from the cold weather, I also need to get used to the steep roads that are all over the place here. There are so many steep roads around my university, because it is located on the mountain. So, you can never miss a good exercise here. Everyday is hiking for me. I am now pretty used to it, but at first, it was horrible. It was even worse than the low temperature. During my first few days here, my legs hurt so much that I had a hard time trying to walk, because it hurt too much. However, just like doing an exercise, I am getting used to it now. It is still hard, but I can live with that. It is not like I can avoid walking those steep roads as long as I’m in DSU, so I adapted.

So, that was pretty much it. That was a brief story of my staying here in Dongseo University, Busan, South Korea. I hope you can enjoy reading it and have a good time!!


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