Not the Same

I am sure that almost every people in this world experienced the gap and differences between high school and college. There are many differences but the one that I really feel is the disparity between the fixed schedule of schooling and the free one. I personally think that the fixed one is better, because I can just do it. When I first entered Petra Christian University, this matter was not that apparent yet, because the schedule was still determined by the faculty. However, this all changed when I entered my second semester. It was all on me; it was up to me how to manage my schedule. Moreover, I need to arrange it nicely so that no subject would clash with the other. Meanwhile, when I was still in high school, I could just accept the schedule from my homeroom teacher and prepared the books needed for that subject. There was no need for me to double check whether my Mathematic subject clashed with my science subject and vice versa. Furthermore, I did not really have to sacrifice a subject in order to be in the other.

That actually happened once during the beginning of my third semester. I needed to choose between taking the Theatrical Design class or MKDU. I needed the credits from MKDU, but I also want to take Theatrical Design class. Almost all of my friends took MKDU as their choice, but I really wanted to take Theatrical Design class. I really hate making choices, and that was why I really like the high school’s system more than the college’s. however, as the year goes by, I understand that there are also certain aspects in college that are better than high schools’.



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